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hermit tarot meaning

The Hermits’ lantern transcends time to illuminate your path, the cloak contains all mysteries the staff of power completes the trinity of initiation. Follow his light past temptation & illusion & he will reveal your path.

allow your authentic light to shine

Through perseverance and by being ruthlessly critical with yourself, and others your intuition, as the lantern, will light your way. Your consciousness is expanding, you begin to form a feeling for your true direction in life. Be careful to organise your time to your best advantage listen carefully to the advice of others, be pure in your intention. Many of my best psychic readers live a hermit like existence. I believe this is simply because they are so ‘open’ & find it difficult to be in situations where people & environments can overwhelm as they pick up on so many signals.

Love yourself today, allow your authentic light to shine, then share that love if you possibly can.

The Hermit card meaning in The Tarot Major Arcana

Ground yourself by walking in nature or reconnecting with your surroundings, have you been lost in a virtual world seeking online perfection? The real you is hiding behind the layers you have created Virgo gives you laser focused perception, are you sure you have been provided with all the details 

What stories does the small voice in your head tell you that no longer align with the person you are becoming. 

The initials A & D, Introspection reveals messages from within, focus the inner voice. A childhood memory of a game or a favourite cycle reminds you to take time to yourself to unravel your thoughts. A house with ornaments sparks a memory.

When you notice the next full moon trust in a close friendship is rewarded.

Self criticism is revealed by the light of the hermit, give yourself a break, you are exactly where you need to be.

Previously in life you have felt that you were outsider that you weren’t  easily understood, this card removes insecurity time to realise your true potential

the Lantern of the Hermit shines light on your darkness illuminating your path.

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