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tarot spread for love
Tarot Spreads For Love

A year ago I took myself off for a Shirley Valentine moment on a Greek island. I needed to completely escape a challenging time & reconnect to who I really am. I took a trip & had a fantastic time lazing, swimming & dreaming. I took some time to re-imagine my Major Tarot cards & shot some impromptu videos that formed the basis for my current free talking Tarot reading that has been really well received. When I am interviewing for new online clairvoyants & psychic readers I often get them to deliver a quick video clip to check out their style of reading. I get such lovely comments about that feature & I am really grateful, if you haven’t pulled your card please feel free to, there is a link in my bio. Tarot is my daily practice so a few days mentally wandering along the Royal Road was incredible, one of the most magical times I have ever spent. 

“you can dream it in to reality”

When was the last time you truly spent time on your own, really alone to just be, to daydream where you wanted your journey to lead you? Most times even when we are on our own we still have the ‘Circus’ in our heads. Very rarely are we ‘in the zone’. If time or money were no object, what would you do? where would you go, who would you meet? Take time to re-dream your future, keep it on the back burner of your mind, just maybe you can dream it in to reality”.

Tarot card readings are simply a doorway to an open honest discussion. The way readings are structured allows the questioner to open up about their feelings & thoughts. This can be a big responsibilty, sitters often surprise with a curveball, the reading can become a session of life coaching, and people, especially millennials, are more than comfortable with that.

Sometimes removing the artifice of ‘the tarot reader’ is great fun, being raw, authentic & present in every sense. I love turning up not suited & booted, if it’s a party or a casual event. If it is likely that people are going to be merry or  might dick about, I won’t take any of my precious Tarot. I go casual with some gypsy or fortune cards, then let the m have it both barrels anyway.

I love giving readings, being in someones universe for a short time, sharing their dreams & secrets. Then leaving them all behind & slipping off happy in to the night.

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