New Moon in Virgo, Radical Shifts

new moon ritual

The New Moon in Virgo brings powerful shifts, now is an excellent time for transformation. It is the perfect time to start a new ritual or to revisit an old one. As our reality changes if we have our routines in place we are ready to take those tentative steps outside of our comfort zone.

A New Moon is a time of new beginnings and this New Moon in Virgo is no exception. Virgo energy can help you focus on your goals and make sure that you are not wasting energy on things that are not important.

This New Moon is challenged by action driven Mars making it the perfect window to take those big bold steps you have been planning.

Venus squares against Uranus & Saturn in an Astrological barney that brings unexpected change that will reveal new & exciting relationship, financial & work or creative directions. These can fast track you in to a new reality, shattering routines & opening new portals that your unconventional side will embrace with gusto.

Virgo Traits

Virgos are the most practical and realistic of all zodiac peeps. They are detail-oriented and critical thinkers.

Virgos are perfectionists who take great care in their work, which often includes organizing, cleaning, and maintaining. Virgos have a strong sense of duty, which makes them dependable employees who can be relied on to do what they say they will do. They have an analytical mind that is able to see flaws in any plan or system.

My Astrology site offers Daily Virgo horoscopes, as well as weekly & monthly options. My Astrology Shop offers many free astrology charts & reports it is a fact that the sign that reaches out for details more than any other is Virgo, they just can’t get enough information!

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and it’s ruled by Mercury the planet of communication. Virgos are practical and realistic people with a critical mind that’s capable of seeing flaws in any plan or system. Virgos can be depended on to do what they say they will do because they have a strong work ethic & will work out all the details to come to the best possible conclusion.

New Moon Tarot Ritual

I often meditate on The Moon Tarot card around the New & Full Moons, asking for guidance as to where the next lunation is set to take me. The Moon is a symbol of the subconscious and intuition. It is the light that shines in the darkness, illuminating our way. The Moon card represents intuition and feelings, as opposed to logic and reason.

The Moon Tarot card is often considered to be a reflection of oneself or one’s inner self. It can also represent our past experiences that have shaped who we are today, or even future goals that we hope to achieve in life.

The Moon Tarot card is the card of intuition and psychic abilities. New & Full moons are the perfect time to get an accurate psychic reading as feelings, moods, and emotions are heightened. The Moon Tarot card represents the subconscious mind and intuition – both important aspects in the practice of Tarot reading.

New Moon Ritual

A new moon ritual is a time for reflection, assessment and planning. It is a time for setting intentions, goals and visions for the next 28 days. It is a time to clear away any old energies that may be hanging around from the previous month and start fresh.

This ritual can be done in any way that you see fit. Some people will light candles, burn sage or incense or meditate while others may choose to do something more active like taking a bath with crystals or smudging their house with sage smoke.

The new moon ritual is a ceremony that is held at the start of each lunar month. This event is celebrated by many religions and cultures, but it has its origins in the Wiccan religion. It is believed that this ceremony can bring good luck and prosperity to those who practice it.

This ritual can be done in a group setting where participants will gather together and light candles, incense, or other aromatics to create a sense of unity and spirituality. They will then recite prayers or sing songs to honor the Goddesses and Gods they believe in. Finally, they will burn some sort of symbol that represents their intentions for the coming month – either an object or a piece of paper with written instructions on it.

New moon rituals are a way of celebrating the new moon and beginning a new cycle. There are many different rituals, but they all have the same goal: to cleanse and clear away the old so that we can start fresh. Make moon rituals a part of your life, you will be amazed at the results, get smudging, offer your crystals to the moon for a moon bath. I hope this lunation is transformational for you.

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