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the future is in your hands, how do you choose the right reader for you?

Tarot & Palmistry a powerful combination

I have recently ‘rediscovered’ my fascination with Palmistry. I used to study palms and became involved with Palmistry, or to give it the correct title ‘Cheiromancy’ before my Tarot journey took me increasingly online. It is difficult to give someone a palm reading over the phone !. However as more people gain access to scanners or high resolution cameras I am considering re-introducing my palm reading service as it is always popular & a great form of divination that borders on character analysis.

Palm reading can be found in almost all cultures & easily predates many other forms of divination. Romany Gypsies & Indian mystics have passed down many of the secrets of palm reading & it is a fantastic way to tune in to the vibes of the sitter as you are obviously physically touching them.

Tarot & Palmistry

Many of my Tarot cards feature the hand or palm, all of the aces hold the element of each suit. The Wand, The Sword, The Pentacle & The Cup. The seven of wands in my deck completed many moons ago features a good image of my palm.

Though palmistry can appear hugely involved it is actually quite easy to pick up the basics & layer on more interpretations as you discover the meanings of the different mounts & lines.

The Future is in Your Hands …
Firstly you should cover which hand is dominant, in a later post I’ll get in to which hand relates to which area of your life, usually though I prefer to read the dominant hand of the sitter.
There are many Tarot associations in some forms of palmistry. You can read more on the Palmistry page of my website here – About Palmistry

As my interest in Palmistry resurfaces I can feel a few articles or even a short book materialising. If you are interested in Palmistry, stay tuned !.

As always I wish you only the best, Paul

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