No Fool At All

the fool tarot meaning
The Fool

The job of a good reader is to reveal possible paths to inspire the questioner on their journey. A good reader will also try to break any patterns of negativity that have blocked the questioner, locking them in to their past. It should always be the plan to send visitors on their way energised, as the designer of their own future.

“The secret of the successful fool is that he’s no fool at all.” ― Isaac Asimov

One of the often overlooked skills of a truly great reader is as the role of Jester. Evolving from the Fool card & archetype, the Jester can step outside the norm, he is the disruptor & can use his powers to break through accepted behaviours to get the result he desires. The Jester knows surprise & unexpected laughter can dissolve many a tricky situation. Think outside the box today, if you find yourself up against frustration or blocks unleash your inner Jester, he’ll definitely make you smile.

The Fool is path 0 on the Royal Road

I loved re-dreaming my cards. Step inside the Fool card with me, look out for his key on my tarot rehab page.

I’ve loaded all of my cards on the page it links to. Each one is loaded with meanings & symbols designed to spark your intuition.

The Fool was the first card that I had tattooed, he literally got under my skin.

The Fool is the spark of Tarot, where life begins. He is a dreamer & a visionary, an inspired lunatic. The Fool is almost certainly on a different frequency to the majority, he is a maverick. My inner fool is struggling with being told what to do in the current climate, he exists beyond limitations.

Whenever I step through the door of my Tarot imagination & encounter The Fool it is always the same, dazzled by the sun, moving erratically, he is distracted by everything.  His dog jumps repeatedly trying to warn of the dangerous precipice only inches away.  

Except today it was different …

Taking his hands away from his eyes The Fool locked my gaze, leaned towards me & whispered: “You have been given a pause, a second chance. I forever stand on the cliff edge, deciding whether to take a leap of faith, now it is you who cannot afford to not grasp this unprecedented opportunity. All bets are off, you have no choice but to have a go, take a chance. Don’t come out of this enforced reinvention unchanged, then it would be you who really is The Fool”

The Fool is the guardian of the unknown, the architect of your future. It begins, and ends, with him. Do not be drawn in by his madness, do not pity him. He is contented in this crazy world, he thrives in chaos. The question is, can you?

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