Live Your Truth

Tarot Cards & Zodiac
Many of the Major Arcana relate to a zodiac sign, which is yours?

Tarot today, take the lessons from your past & then release it, you don’t live there anymore. Today live your truth, live what you love, dare to be amazing, life will become effortless. Reconnect to your dreams, recreate the future you deserve, demand that the Universe delivers.

you are amazing, go forth & be fabulous”

The 22 Secrets can reveal the plan that helps you on your quest to ma nifest your dream – The journey of the Major Arcana is often referred to as ‘The Fool’s Journey’, we follow The Fool as he encounters each Trump card that in turn represent the stages of a person’s existence. From literally nothing, through birth, relationships, spiritual development and ultimately back to nothing via death. The Fool, with his number 0, represents this perpetual cycle. The Major Arcana are undoubtedly the most powerful messages of the Tarot and reflect major life events and challenges to personal development. Whenever a reading comprises a high proportion of Major Arcana cards, you can be sure that big decisions are going to need to be made. Turn over the painted pasteboards of the Tarot. You can choose Your card by consulting my popular free talking Tarot reading, what message will be revealed? Step outside your comfort zone, live with the enthusiasm of a child. Be brave, you are amazing, go forth & be fabulous, I dare you.

Dare to Dream

 I wear a talisman around my neck, often a small buddha. I take my dreams or experiences that touch my soul/blow my mind. I step inside that buddha, I trap those dreams inside.

Those dreams can now never be lost, they are with me wherever I may go. If I lose the talisman I wait until another calls me, I then re-download my dreams from the cloud.

When the trials of daily life become too much, I step inside the talisman in my mind, release a tiny bit of one of those dreams. Dreams give us hope, dreams are the building blocks of our future selves.

I am so fortunate, I have lived many of my dreams. I strive to continuously re-dream a dream until it becomes reality. We really shouldn’t settle for substandard dreams.

I try to learn & absorb from every experience. What lesson is being shown to me? 

Try to spend time with people who can understand your dreams. People who can come with you on those flights of fantasy, until those dreams manifest as your reality.

Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone, that magical place where you feel you can touch your dreams. A couple of days in to a great holiday, time away from the stresses & strains. The moment you catch a glimpse of why you fell in love with your grumpy partner. The smile on your sleeping child’s face. The pet who is happy to welcome you home.

These moments are really all you need

Are you feeling trapped? are you working towards someone else’s dream? 

Is it time to step inside, to revisit one of your dreams?

Have a magical day, you are always only moments away from the life of your dreams.

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