Creative Cartomancy

creative cartomancy

The Cartomancer lives in the past, the present and the future. The story of everyone who ever lived can be divined through the myriad combinations of the magical pasteboards & a dash of intuition. The Cartomancer has lived in every age, reviled by some, sought out by many. Called clairvoyants, astrologers, prophets, star-gazers, magicians, witches, sorcerers, trance seers, sooth sayers, enchanters, conjurers, spiritualists. I have decided to publish some of the comments I receive about the fantastic Clairvoyants & Psychics I am so lucky to work with, you can read those here: psychic-reviews. If you have had a psychic reading that blew you away please drop me a line through my contact page, I will be delighted to pass it on.

“Re-dream your future”

They live a transcendental life, these illusive students of the metaphysical arts. The Cartomancer brings luck, happiness & a release from the trouble of the complications of life. Come & see the supernatural wonder, forget your silly scepticism, the story they tell is your story. Your lucky day is here. What ever description you give them, they are the dreamers, re-dream your future today.

They are the confidants. Somewhere to explore our deepest wonderings, The shadows & the lights,  where our vulnerable side hides. The scary things and the mad fantasies, the disagreements of the past, the exciting potential of future doors as yet unopened.  

Sometimes they say everything, sometimes you know it needs to be said but they say nothing. And that is your job, to be a sounding board, a mirror for ideas, offering an alternative path as thoughts pass through the prism.

Often visitors arrive on these pages for a reading after searching tarot readers near me. It really doesn’t matter that the reader is not physically next to the sitter, a great cartomancer tells the story of the cards remotely without the need of physical clues.

Tarot is my truest friend, the one who will never walk away as they live in my mind behind closed eyes.

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