Mercury Direct ! 2012

Merury direct, finally all of the mis-communication fades away
                               Mercury Direct, All of those minor niggles are set to leave !

Mercury retrograde has certainly been a challenge. When I try & suggest to my non -Astro – Tarot friends that perhaps this is why things have been challenging, I usually get the ‘rolling eyes’ answer. Well now Mercury has gone direct !. Several friends I know who were struggling to make sense of their high power jobs have resigned & general ( creative ) chaos has ensued.

Mercury Direct

All of those challenges, the misunderstandings, the techno melt-downs the EXTRAORDINARY WEIRDNESS ! Will now start to melt away. If you are on the verge of a change, considering your options I will only say this once. NOW IS THE TIME !

One of the dear friends ( who has given me the all clear to share this FYI ) asked me for a quick reading on the tube on the way to a crucial business meeting. Now pulling out Tarot cards on the Tube is always fun, but pulling out Death, The Tower & The Ace of Wands crossed with the Wheel of Fortune is guaranteed to draw a crowd.

Good on her this special Lady walked in to the meeting, cut her ties ( leaving considerable confusion in her wake ! Not her problem anymore ) & started manifesting her new life in New York !

I must admit & have been unwell, left reeling by the radical changes in my world. Now I have sussed out why I am pleased beyond belief. There is a MASSIVE shake-up of everything heading our way & you can be sure that any effort expended is set to be repaid BIGTIME !

I truly hope this manifests all of your desires :0) Paul x

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