Mercury Direct!

mercury direct

Mercury retrograde has certainly been a challenge. When I try & suggest to my non -Astro – Tarot friends that perhaps this is why things have been challenging, I usually get the ‘rolling eyes’ answer. Well now Mercury has gone direct. Several friends I know who were struggling to make sense of their high power jobs have resigned & general (creative) chaos has ensued.

Mercury Direct

All of those challenges, the misunderstandings, the techno melt-downs the EXTRAORDINARY WEIRDNESS Will now start to melt away. If you are on the verge of a change, considering your options I will only say this once. NOW IS THE TIME. For fast answers to your burning questions, try my text a psychic Service, it’s been getting great feedback recently.

One of the dear friends ( who has given me the all clear to share this FYI ) asked me for a quick reading on the tube on the way to a crucial business meeting. Now pulling out Tarot cards on the Tube is always fun, but pulling out Death, The Tower & The Ace of Wands crossed with the Wheel of Fortune is guaranteed to draw a crowd.

Good on her this special Lady walked in to the meeting, cut her ties leaving considerable confusion in her wake. Not her problem anymore, & started manifesting her new life in New York.

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I must admit & have been unwell, left reeling by the radical changes in my world. Now I have sussed out why I am pleased beyond belief. There is a MASSIVE shake-up of everything heading our way & you can be sure that any effort expended is set to be repaid big time.

Total chaos in my world today, checked my chart well quelle surprise. Bit down on myself for not being 1000% on everything. Perfectionism is exhausting, I feel that the last few months have amplified feeling uneasy, that you really should be doing more.

Then I brought my niggles out & shined a really bright light on them. Guess what, I’m doing just fine even if I say so myself. 

Sun in Gemini, time to wonder at the miracles we are. Communication is key, time to learn & reach out, my community has been really generous lately & for that I am forever grateful. 

Moon in Taurus, no wonder I feel that I need to crack on building, producing and finishing projects. Sensory overload at the moment, need to focus on projects that bring gratification, looks like today might be the day to go plant shopping.

And of course mercury retrograde, time to look inside & traditionally not a good time for plans or business. Well sorry Universe can’t change these plans, gonna have to smash on through it.

I truly hope this manifests all of your desires

Paul O’Mara

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