Lunar Lunacy – The Full Worm & Sap Moons, what do they mean for you?

Full worm & sap moons, unleash your intuitin
The power of the Full Worm Moon 

The power of two full March moons

Do you feel the power of the moon? I certainly do. My logic is that we are all comprised of a high water content, the moon affects the tides, therefore the moon affects our physiology. Does the moon affect your sleep patterns & moods? If you keep a diary around the phases of the moon you could be surprised if you check back to those times when the moon was at it’s fullest.

There is no denying the power of a full moon. Regardless of your sign, the full moon can have an effect on your feelings, emotions and desires. One of the most noted effects of a full moon is heightened brain activity due to the heavily illuminated side of the moon facing us. However, this month we will have two full moons. The first full moon, which occurred on March 1, has passed and I’m sure you noticed a change in your mood. However, the second full moon will crest on March 31 and bring with it a slew of interesting side effects.

Early this morning I had a message from a friend asking if the moon would affect his cats as they were driving him nuts at 3am. To be honest I don’t think cats need any excuse for lunar lunacy, the last pair that allowed me to share their lives were nocturnal nutcases & regularly drove me to distraction. This is what fascinates me about lunar activity, people will laugh & say how can the transit of the moon have any effect on me, & then the next day be blaming the moon for their furry felines midnight frolics.

The full moon that occurred on the first of the month was in Virgo. Although a full moon can affect everyone, if the full moon appears in your star sign, do you feel more extreme effects?  As the moon orbits the earth, it spends a few days in each zodiac sign, which is why zodiac signs exhibit different traits. However, when a full moon is orbiting the earth and occurs during a specific zodiac sign, the effects are amplified. While a full moon in general tends to heighten all thoughts, feelings and emotions, when it occurs in your star sign, the specific traits associated with your star sign will be amplified. For example, Virgos probably noticed a strong urge to cleanse and renew their lives, whether it was a deep cleaning of their living space or purging a toxic friend from their lives and an obsession surrounding perfectionism. That or it is possible that most true Virgos just tend to be fully on board with the OCD, in my experience anyway.

During the blue moon at the end of the month, most people may notice a heightened sense of awareness surrounding their self-presentation. However, this blue moon will appear in Libra, which means that those with this specific zodiac sign will feel effects a bit differently. Libras specifically will feel hyper-confident. Although Libras aren’t typically shy people, the blue moon will bring out their not-so-hidden extroverted side and will prompt them to speak to anyone about anything. Has there been someone you’ve been dying to ask out, but haven’t been quite sure how? If you’re a Libra, the blue moon will give you the courage to ask them out in the perfect way. Have you been harbouring a new idea for work but have been too timid to approach your boss? Come March 31, your Libra qualities will be amplified and you’ll confidently stroll into their office and give your proposal.

No matter your zodiac sign, full moons will have an effect on your mood. However, these effects will vary depending on your zodiac sign and the stage of the moon. While the full moon on March 1 may have led everyone to feel detail and organisation-oriented, Virgos on March 1 surely felt overwhelmingly perfectionist. On March 31, all zodiac signs can expect the blue moon to prompt them to desire cooperation amongst colleagues and to present themselves in a certain light. With this second full moon appearing in Libra, Libras will most likely feel hyper-confident. At the end of the day, what matters most when it comes to full moons isn’t your specific zodiac sign, but is rather your ability to be in touch with your innermost self. Be true to yourself and you will surely notice the changes that the full moon brings to your life.

The full moon is the perfect catalyst to reinventing yourself, If you are truly honest with yourself, recognising and modifying the behaviours that have been holding you back you can very quickly see results. A simple ‘spell’ is to make sure you get a clear view of the full moon & make a contract with yourself. Simply say : “ I absorb the Moon’s lunar magick, and give my life over to her powerful cycles. The Full moon’s energy is a reason for celebration, the dark had passed, and under the light of this full moon I become the person I know I was always meant to be. I shed all the layers I have built around me, the light of this moon cleanses & energises me for the myriad powerful developments I welcome in to my life”. A full moon is a perfect time for a powerful psychic readingThere are a variety of ways to connect to your psychic reader on this website. If you have been procrastinating as to whether a psychic reading is for you, check out the options, look to my recommended psychics & clairvoyants, who are you drawn to, can you sense that the have your answers waiting? . All of my services provide unique readings that fulfil your individual needs whilst ensuring that you have direct access to high quality experienced, professional Readers at the top of their game & ready to connect you to your destiny. Whichever reading you choose, I have worked hard to ensure that connecting to the right Psychic, Clairvoyant or Tarot Reader couldn’t be easier.

This full moon I hope the lunar lunacy propels you in to an energising phase, for more details on my relationship with the Moon, you can read more about the Moon Tarot Card from my personal deck.

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