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My website is reaching a new level. My site as an extension of me is very important to me & represents a huge amount of effort, enjoyment and learning experiences. Whenever I see a surge of visitors it thrills me & spurs me with excitement as I think of new features I can add, & new territories to connect with. As with my study of Tarot I know that my site will never be ‘finished’ & will always reflect changes in my interests & state of mind. Unlike a lot of sites I do connect with my visitors and regularly give readings to people behind the scenes. It is hugely satisfying when someone who has connected with me through the site tells me that a psychic reading has opened a new way of thinking for them & helped them learn how to take control of their life. One of the biggest challenges that seems to be a recurring theme in readings at the moment is that a lot of my clients need reminding that just by spending less time wanting, & instead just enjoying what they already have, they can erase the feeling of emptiness that so often appears when we are feeling unfulfilled. I can honestly say that my site has been responsible for some of my most extraordinary experiences, it has connected me to amazing people that I would never have met through normal channels. The feedback I get from my visitors is amazing & whenever I release a new function or competition I love the positive energy that it generates. Now as I prepare to launch my Psychic phone reading service in Australia I am again expanding my horizons. I love Australia & the laid back Australian outlook & very much hope that I get to see much more of this amazing country.

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