Coffee then Rituals

First Coffee & then morning rituals…⁣

I love being up early, at the time when many moons ago I would have just been going to bed 🙂 I love the chance to reset, to unscramble my dreams before the rest of the street starts stirring.⁣

I draw a daily card, it’s almost my meditation & often the synchronicity is stunning. My Page of Swords shown here I recently found out is no longer with us, we had some wild times. Great to reflect on those, laugh & give thanks that I am still here to create new adventures.⁣

grab a few of those ideas as they fly by

I love to let my mind wander, often something that has been on the back burner will unravel in a moment of clarity in the cool light of dawn, strike while the iron is hot …⁣

Not all spiritual awakenings happen at the peak of a mountain. Sometimes miracles occur sat on the floor in your pyjamas.⁣

I’m sat here perusing the next development of my sites, the next iOS update is screwing with my menus. Plus that damn book that I must stop tweaking keeps calling me. The free tarot reading is still going great guns I see, thanks for all the lovely feedback, can’t believe that’s a year already, link in my bio if you are interested.⁣ My latest psychics, clairvoyants & Tarot consultants reviews are up. Please contact me if you have had an exceptional reading & would like to tell the reader.

Have an exceptional day, grab a few of those ideas as they fly by, one just might be the catalyst to a great adventure X ⁣

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