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I got in a lift yesterday & after a couple of floors turned round & saw I was travelling with a tiny boy, all on his own, perfectly happy. I was bemused, trying to not freak him out, working out what I should do next. After going up & down I found his grateful young father and the family were reunited. A few friends I have mentioned this to have been horrified, ‘what if?…’ ⁣

Truth was this young guy was juggling kids, a buggy, what looked like hysterical mother or mother in law, shopping, busy environment. He was doing the best he could at that moment, the doors had closed, a moments mistake.⁣

Sometimes when I turn the Emperor he represents the father or father figure in someones reading. He may be the shining example, solid & stable as the classic Emperor in Tarot, as a father should be. Or maybe he wasn’t really present. Perhaps there were other issues that the seeker needs to resolve that have impacted their development around authority or areas of control. ⁣

often they were just doing the best they could”

My father features on my Knight of Swords, I have an ongoing therapeutic conversation rolling with him, every time that card appears. He’s no longer with us, we have made our peace & he still continues to teach me lessons about myself, my role in relationships & what I can actually control in my life. Life is often about returning to challenges we thought we had solved, wounds we thought we we had healed.⁣

When we remember people from our past, often they were just doing the best they could, at that moment in time, with the tools they had available. Yesterdays incident brought up many similar childhood stories of being left at shops, in cars, at theme parks. It’s hard enough being you sometimes, if you have the responsibility of someone else too it can be exhausting.⁣

I’m an Aries, the Emperor is my man. He is driven by Mars, he can flip the f*** it switch take control & just make it happen, through the power of sheer will. This energy is intoxicating, the consequences may be challenging – hell, we’’l cross that bridge when we come to it.

The Imperator is that solid energy that hides inside, the emergency power pack. He appears to guide you through all the noise, all the fools & naysayers. 

The Emperor is your beliefs, If we won’t defend our beliefs with honesty & passion, then do we really stand for anything at all?

The Emperor, number 4 in the Major Arcana, balances the fertility and feminine influence of The Empress with masculine power and virility. His sphere of influence is action, power and authority, The Fool learning to flex his muscles and develop leadership skills.

Tarot Affirmation

“I am the ultimate power of 4, Yod-He-Vau-He, the four suits, the four seasons. I am Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I tried to hold his gaze, his energy was too strong. His voice penetrated my mind: Understand me and there are no mysteries left to discover.”

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