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It’s so easy to be distracted by all the shiny things. It’s also so easy to get sucked into the negativity vortex in challenging times.⁣

I was looking for something to distract myself from the current situation, the media, the restriction. Then I realised the only way was to go back inside. ⁣

You can’t seek external distractions forever, the one thing you can’t run away from is yourself, you’re pretty much stuck with you, the funfair in your mind. You have to love & embrace yourself or life will get complicated.⁣

Your authentic self is, & always has been, perfect & complete. When you are operating at your higher frequencies, everything becomes possible, life becomes effortless.⁣

I do an awful lot of hypnosis, meditation, shamanic journeying & obviously psychic readings. Focusing on & opening your chakras is essential maintenance. They are your psychic energy centres, indelibly linked to your authentic self, they are the medicine for your soul.⁣

Life is all about balance

I am diving back into my meditation routines, not stepping around the yoga mat. I need some spiritual self-care.⁣

One time I was sat with a monk in Sri Lanka. He said to me what would you think if I said ‘Nothing Really matters’. I replied ‘I would think about the banger by Madonna of the same name’. He replied ‘ Yeah, wow! I love that one, especially the remix’ – You don’t have to be dull to be spiritual.⁣

My chakras page allows you to choose a chakra to focus on. Then you can read a very simple interpretation and affirmation to perform a basic chakra cleanse. Time to open the chakras, clear some energy that doesn’t belong to you anymore.⁣

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