The power of the text message

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What’s in the Power of a Text Message?

Imagine this scenario; you are in a business meeting or a class and very caught up with what is being discussed. The mobile suddenly beeps to notify a new message, and since you do not want to ignore it, you take a quick peek only to read “I love you.”

No one has told you that in a long time and suddenly you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The day has just gotten better. That is the power of a text message. Combining the power of love and the promptness of a text message can just change a person’s life and make them elated for the rest of the day.

Statistics prove that, 98% of the text messages sent are opened compared to emails, tweets and Facebook comments. This means that sending a special message via email and SMS there is a more likelihood of the recipient reading the text message over any other communication means. This is quite surprising but also essential as you will now choose the most efficient form of communication.

Sending a text message makes someone happy

In this day and age where we are all wrapped up in daily stresses both at work and home, it’s quite easy to forget to say these three magical words “I love you” and if left unsaid for a long time, the relationship can eventually lose its spark. One of the most opportunistic means of conveying this message is by sending a love text message during the day.  Simply sending a heart-warming text message that seeks to compliment the other person will definitely raise one’s spirit and attitude. So much so, that people who have received messages at the spur of the moment have remarked that the bad feelings or mood just vanishes away. Broken relationships have also been rekindled using this method by simply texting “I am sorry and will always love you.” The magic of a carefully worded text message has been so much felt that mobile companies have also devised packages of sending free messages to help those who have trouble coming up with words to express themselves.

Love text messages are being used in therapy

Sending a text message is so imploring and pleasing to the recipient and can reduce depression. Routine texting to patients with depression enables them to feel connected to others. Moreover, therapists can also track the patient’s moods by sending message such as “How happy are you on a scale of 1 to 10?” Simply put, if sending a text message can alleviate depressive moods, then why not make it a habit and help someone you love.

Not going away

With everyone in today’s world owning a hand set, sending a text message has replaced the old pass-a-note form of communication. The text messages are stored in the phone once received and can be referred to once in a while in the future. No doubt the power of a text message has proved its worth in for many years. Make someone special happy, send them a text right now telling them they are loved.

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