Can Psychics and Tarot Cards Reveal the Future of Your Love Life?

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Can Tarot Cards and Psychics Predict Your Relationship’s Future?

Is it like voodoo? Do I need to bring him in so that you can feel his energy? A lot of people are still confused by how a Tarot reading works. Many think you have to do readings face to face in order for them to work, but that’s not true – an experienced tarot reader can sense someone’s energy & pick up on situations regardless. It is usually played out in the imagery of the cards in combination with intuition & experience. People think their love dilemma is truly unique, in many ways it is of course, but many similar stories have played out since the beginning of time.

What gives you the right to poke about in other peoples business?

Fair question! Well obviously there is client confidentiality, you certainly don’t go washing anyones dirty laundry in public. Also as a reader you don’t know anything different, you subconsciously pick up on relationship dynamics from a young age. I’ve been reading since I was very young, a lot of my ability to diagnose situations was formed in childhood & by observing readers I knew, learning the techniques & the nuances of the cards to decode scenarios.

In readings there is only one technique. You have to 100% trust your intuition & you have to be ruthlessly honest with people. As a professional psychic or clairvoyant you have to remember that you are just the messenger, you’ve got to do your job, read the cards and be honest about what they tell you. Tarot readings can be positive or negative, they are after all mirrors of experience & will reflect what is happening in the questioners life. You have to be able to come with the consequences of any reading. Some people can get upset, you have to be emotionally prepared for how anyone will react. If you think something you say may upset someone you can find a way to soften the message.

It is clear that tarot card reading online is now increasing in popularity day by day. Gone are the days when online tarot card reading was deemed taboo. People no longer need to surreptitiously hunt for a recommended psychic reader it is easy to find reputable sites with readers who have honed their remote reading skills.

Ever since the web platforms opened up, the market for tarot card reading significantly surged. It became more accessible to people. People who used to be hesitant initially also got a chance to give it a try often by visiting sites that offer free online tarot reading.

Telephone tarot card reading has become a go to for people seeking direction recently. I used to see searches for tarot reader near me, now people seeking guidance don’t face such geographical constraints. Online readings have become de rigour for those seeking answers to their life questions.

Which Psychics and Tarot Card Predictions Can Be Trusted?

Whether you’re wondering about what your future holds or feel like you need a little nudge to make a decision, you may have considered chatting to a psychic. Psychics can range from persons who claim to see your future, to those who give you more general counsel on what areas of life you might work on for personal development through cold reading & guess work. Slightly further along the scale there are those who say they can erase curses, while others may claim that they can talk to your dead relatives. Whatever service you are looking for, do your research. Check out the website, any reviews (though these can be fake) or even contact the reception if there is one to get a feel for the service. 

You can find psychics claiming their skills online or in locations all over the world, but before you go seeking the answers to your deepest darkest fantasies, it pays to set a goal for what it is you are hoping to get from your reading. Here’s what you need to know about psychics before you put down any cold hard cash.

Always Take the Future-Predictions With A Grain of Salt

Many psychics that you search online contain the statement “for entertainment purposes only.” This is now a legal requirement & is intended to protect the reader & the questioner. In my view it is a good thing as it harks back to the good old days & excitement of visiting the psychic, when it was an event of wonder & magic.

Professional psychics aren’t allowed to discuss health or money matters. If these are your questions you should seek out a medical or financial professional.

Second, it’s vital to take every “future” prediction with a hefty grain of logical salt. No psychic can guarantee the time frame of any predictions, it is not a science & should be considered a general snapshot of possible future outcomes.

Most reputable psychics will perform a reading that is way less predictive and more guidance-based, the prediction that refers to areas in your life you can focus on & what energy you can cultivate in your life to reach your goals and develop psychologically and spiritually. These kinds of psychics, or esoteric practitioners, aren’t aiming to foretell the future as much as help you comprehend your current conditions through a spiritual or metaphysical lens so that you can evolve into your best potential.

Understanding “Hot” and “Cold” Readings

Some psychics typically employ “hot” and “cold readings” to interact with clients. Hot readings often mean that the psychic has information on the sitter before they arrive

Cold readings often start with the psychic asking questions about the sitter and evaluating their reactions to judge how near they are to something that the sitter desires to be true.

All this is to say you could go into any psychic reading with a strong amount of skepticism, this can be counter intuitive for you & the reader. Far better to do your research on your reader & then decide to commit to the reading with an open mind. Far more conducive to a satisfactory outcome all round.

If you’re really interested in seeing a psychic, it’s ideal to find one through word-of-mouth. With today’s prominence of esoteric practices, it’s probable you might have a buddy, or at least an acquaintance, who’s visited one and can send along a reliable name.

Types of Psychics

The field of future telling and fortune telling can be confusing. If you’re seeking for a specific kind of energy worker, make sure to describe what kind you’re interested in.

Here are some of the most prevalent sorts of psychics out there.


Generally, psychics communicate facts regarding events, locations, people, and times that are unknown to them. They don’t tend to commune or speak with the dead.


Mediums tend to specialise in speaking to and interacting with the dead. These persons should have the ability to contact the dead consistently, regularly, and on-demand. This is the area where you should be very sure to do the most in depth research if you are seeking this type of reading. There are practitioners who offer a more vintage seance type experience geared towards parties. I personally don’t recommend mediums though I have had experiences that go to the boundaries of explanation.

Intuitive & Clairvoyants

These practitioners often are regarded as empaths or those who can feel the emotions of others. Intuitives and clairvoyants frequently acquire powerful visions, feelings, or thoughts about the sitter. These visions can be related to persons who have died or pertain to real and breathing people and events in the current time.

Tarot Card Readers & Astrologers

These types of energy workers employ tools & oracles like tarot cards and a system or spread for interpretation or divination of the cards. Armed with the time, date, and location of your birth accomplished astrologers are said to be able to reveal someone’s precise future.

Many psychics give more than one sort of reading, thus, for example, it’s possible to locate someone who is both an intuitive and an astrologer. Regardless of the type of psychic you choose, it’s crucial to recognise that there are those who may be convinced they have ‘the gift’ yet may not actually deliver the goods when you get down to the reading. Anyone who approaches you for a reading directly via social media should be avoided. Likewise anyone requesting increasing amounts of money or requires that you conduct certain rituals using costly objects that only they sell, should ring bells for you & should make you take a swift exit. A professional psychic offers a service like any other & should have clear details of the service offered & any charges that will be incurred.

So, should I have a reading?

A good psychic reading should simply leave you feeling better & more positive than when you arrived. Many psychics may bring a sense of peace or urge you to follow a long-time dream or make a hard decision, and that can be immensely helpful in today’s rather unpredictable environment. No matter which side of the debate you fall on, it’s crucial to educate yourself before deciding to take a psychic’s advice to heart.

General Questions That a Psychic Can Answer

What do I need to know about my life right now?

When you obtain a psychic reading, you don’t always have a particular question in mind. This enquiry allows the psychic or medium tune into your situation in the moment and deliver you crucial information.

What suggestions do you have for me as I move forward?

This question focuses the psychic reader’s energies on proactive activities you can take to enhance your life and circumstances. If you are confused what element of your life you should focus on, this question might direct your audience (the reader) more specifically.

What energy is surrounding me right now?

Psychics and mediums work by tapping into the energy around individuals. By asking particularly about this energy, you present them with the most open-ended manner of discussing your circumstance, difficulties facing you, and general recommendations.

Questions About Love and Relationships That You Can Ask Your Psychic

What direction should I choose in my love life?

Whether you are single or in a relationship, expressing this question to a psychic or medium will help you acquire the information you need concerning critical choices relating to romance.

What should I know about my connection with my partner or partners?

This inquiry concentrates the psychic reader’s energy on probable blind spots within your love relationship, letting you know about critical facts you may not otherwise have picked up on.

What needs to happen before I meet my dream partner?

If you are single, sometimes work needs to be done on your own self before you can attract the ideal love partnership. Asking this question in a psychic reading can assist you to discover exactly what measures you can take (such as getting over an ex) to find the love you’re seeking for.

Career-Related Questions for a Psychic 

What do I need to know about my chosen career path?

Whether you are currently satisfied or dissatisfied with your job, asking this question in a psychic reading will provide you with information about your chosen career. It will allow the advisor to concentrate not only on your current job, but also on your overall career path.

What needs to happen in order for me to advance in my career?

If you’re stuck in your work, this question will help your advisor identify key steps you can take to move forward. It’s also helpful if you’re not sure if you should quit your job or if you need to maximise your current opportunities.

What Kinds of Questions Should I Ask My Friends and Family?

What social energy is currently surrounding me?

If you’re concerned about your social life in general, this is a good question to ask because it allows the advisor to get a broad sense of your situation and describe it as a whole.

What information do I require about my loved ones?

When you’re curious about friends and family in general, this is a good question to ask. Replace “loved ones” with “family members,” “friends,” or even a person’s initials if you have a question about a specific person or group.

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