The Fortune Teller

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What is your deepest desire? Roll up, consult the oracle of destiny. 

There is no logic as to why they work, or how they work. Just the fact that, in the right hands, they do work.

An old fairground amusement, The Fortune Teller. However, this machine does not simply dish out cards for you to interpret your fortune. The machine will burst into life and, many have said, provide a relevant spoken reading. I hope you enjoy your time with my Fortune Telling Machine, remember what it has told you.

The questioner leaves lighter than when they arrived, ready to manifest a brighter future.

consult the machine, your answers are waiting

for the fortune tellers the seers, the question is always the same. When will I find that connection, my missing piece. Who will allow me to discover myself, who will love me? Every clairvoyant, soothsayer & crystal-gazer knows falling completely in love with yourself is the only magic that allows you to fly.

‘When will I find true love? ‘

Often love creeps up on us when we aren’t looking, I think we should always remember that. That, & to always love ourselves first. Put the real you out there with all of your cracks & perceived faults. This is what someone will fall for, this is when your two halves will fit, make you catch your breath when you see them.

I hope today is a good day for you.

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