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Magical Spirit Bird
Something magical, The Crow, Bird of magic

The Crow – Bird of Magic
Just recently I have become increasingly aware of an abundance of Crows in my world, appearing & calling on an ever more regular basis. My mother would have been terrified as she always saw these incredibly intelligent black beauties as a bad omen. I most certainly don’t. Ever since I watched in astonishment as a particularly cheeky, beautiful specimen decided to share my lunch, I have been fascinated by these magical creatures. In a free psychic reading the significance of an appearance by one of these glossy beauties can depend on the surrounding cards in the spread. To those whose lives don’t start and end with the physical world, there is more to a crow than what meets the eye. While this gallant bird is in no way short of simplistic beauty, its mere presence brings with it a rare and unique portal into the spiritual world, with endless possibilities of positive spiritual enlightenment.
Beyond its raucous call and mischievous saunter resides a deep running connection to the spiritual world, represented by the crow’s mere presence. While a solitary visit from one or more crows could be viewed as a chance encounter with the spiritual realms, a repeat visit from this magical bird warrants a closer look. The crow is indeed a bird of magic, carrying symbolic weight which is often misunderstood and associated with negativity. Tarot reading near me is the search that is bringing people to my site right now & increasingly those visitors are looking for more diverse information. Dream interpretation & information on animal totems are just a couple of the newer areas of interest I am seeing.

Negatively-inclined religious and spiritual texts are terribly misinterpreted around animal totems. A crow’s cry implies its removed position from where it is heard, which is a clear indication of the fact that it has chosen to remove itself from whatever documented unfortunate event has taken place. When this magical creature is in direct contact with its immediate environment however, it is hardly ever heard crowing. With this in mind, one should interpret a crow’s symbolism through its presence, rather than its call. The positive association of a crow resides in its presence, as opposed to its distant call and this is where its symbolic significance as magical, spirit bird shines through.
With this educated view in mind, the crow can be more accurately associated with the mystery of life and the power of magic. It doesn’t take more than two careful looks at the crow’s behaviour to begin to uncover the message it has for the observer. While a crow is well-known and is perhaps infamous for its fearlessness, craftiness and mischievous ways, the positive message it bears from the spiritual world is one which we can all learn something from and subsequently achieve immediate personal growth.
If the crow that visits you could speak your tongue, what it would have to say to you translates to this: “The miracle and magic of life has given you a unique set of characteristics which you must adapt, hone and deploy, without fear, seeking personal transformation so as to reach your ultimate destiny — a destiny which is unfolding right in front your eyes and it’s up to you to open your eyes and see it.”

Many years ago I used a picture of another bird friend of mine, the Magpie, on my Seven of Swords Tarot card. I wish I had found a space for the magnificent crow. I also wish I knew what my feathered friends are trying to tell me, Though I’m sure it will manifest soon enough.

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