The Ace of Pentacles – ideas become things.

ace of pentacles tarot meaning

The Ace of Pentacles.

The Radix of the Powers of the Earth

The Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :


The Ace of Pentacles Appearance :

A disembodied hand emerges from the clouds holding a golden pentacle.
A perfectly manicure dreamlike garden has an archway leads to the barren mountainscape.

The Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card – Interpretation

The flagship card of the Pentacles suit represents enterprise that can lead to freedom through financial security. When this card appears in a reading enterprises or business propositions are guaranteed success. The Gardens symbolise there is a journey that needs to be made before all rewards can be reached before the full power of the Pentacles suit is realised. The archway that leads to a barren mountain-scape warns that this journey is not without risk. The Ace card is linked with the ego, the relationship between struggle for material gain crossing over into greed or legitimate worldly success that frees us from the daily existence needs to be considered. The Ace of Pentacles shows success is only attainable through our own hard work, no one is going to give this to it on a plate, however we can be sure that we have amassed the necessary skills to take this project to fruition. This card often symbolises a business that will be started from the home, and that the business will grow bringing prosperity and security.

The Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card – Correspondences

Zodiac : Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn,

Alchemical Elements : Earth.

My Relationship with The Ace of Pentacles

When the Ace appears in my reading I know that I can expect to turn around in my situation. When I was working I knew that I could expect a discussion that would leave me room to renegotiate salary or promotion. The Ace embodies enthusiasm so the card indicates you have the ability to attract financial reward, you have the necessary drive and determination to do an excellent job of the task in hand. This card often appears when I’m in the zone and I know that a project I’m working on will be a success and in my mind I can disassociate from any financial restraints, I am purely working for my own enjoyment. The ace gives a great feeling of self-worth and shows that you are ready to receive bonuses and the claim for a project that you have been working on personally. The ace also indicates that family or loved ones will be behind you 100% in the new venture. When I see the ace hand emerging from the clouds I know that something I have dreamed of is going to become reality, it’s going to be a concrete part of my life in the near future.This is one of my favourite cards as I know that an idea that has arisen, maybe in my sleep will soon have a place in the real world. In fact as I drew the card to post this entry I knew an opportunity was not far away. In fact within the hour a business idea that had been forming became closer, a long awaited email gave me the contact I needed to finalise an exciting development that has been a long held dream.

The Ace of Pentacles – Your dream is beginning to materialise – Be wary & abundance is yours

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