The King of Cups – Face Your Feelings, Change Your Personality

king of cups tarot meaning

The King of Cups.

Lord of the Waves and the Waters

The King of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :


The King of Cups – Appearance :

The King is confronted by a small fish floating immediately above a vertical golden scepter, in front of turbulent waves. A galleon is tossed by rough seas. A larger tropical looking fish arrives unseen.

The King of Cups Tarot Card – Interpretation

The King is immensely creative, though he usually applies his creativity in an ordered, scientific fashion. He may well indeed have a scientific connection and though he is the head of the suit of emotions, he is the most analytical court member. The King finds displays of emotions a challenge & always remains in charge of his feelings, giving an air of detached aloofness. The small fish is a direct confrontation to his sensibilities indicating the King will be faced with something that forces him to directly face his emotions. This card often has a serious message, I have seen many times that if The King of Cups appears to a questioner he is making them confront unexpected mood swings where they feel helpless or trapped with no obvious cause. The message here is there is an underlying cause, the questioner just has to be ready to accept it. I recently gave a reading for someone who had accepted a new job that involved extensive travel, they loved the job and package, the prospects seemed great, the crunch was they had serious travel sickness that was going to be a major hurdle. They had ‘ forgotten ‘ that in the course of the interview, thank fully I have since found out, a combination of hypnosis & travel sickness medication has made this aspect of the job bearable, if not yet completely enjoyable. The galleon pictured warns that if internal emotions or underlying restrictions are ignored, eventually they will break free & may prove difficult to bring under control.

The King of Cups Tarot Card – Correspondences

Zodiac : The secrets of Scorpio

Alchemical Elements : Water.

My Relationship with The King of Cups

When the King appears to me personally I know that I have turned my back on my true feelings or compartmentalised something that is only going to resurface in a worse form if I don’t face it head on. Quite often the King warns against feeling responsible for something that is really not your fault, something over which you have no direct control. I live at present in the middle east as I am researching aspects of the culture for part of my site & to include in the book that has been in development for ever. I completely accept that the culture is far removed from my own & find that fascinating and exciting, I find though that visiting friends may not see it as such. The first problem is getting them here, the airlines tend to be unreliable to say the least & delays of several hours are usual & accepted. If the King appears I know that I should not feel responsible for friends who have had a challenging journey to come & visit me, it is their choice & they either accept the difficulties or not, I can’t do it for them. The King always says to me that if emotions are running high I need to identify why this is & deal with it. Is it something tangible that I can change?, or is it just my programmed reaction to something that is really not going to be worth my while becoming agitated about. A special mention goes to the model for my King, Mike. He has passed on to the next life, though while he was here, he was an inspirational master of science who would be seen riding his trusty bike in all weathers for many miles a day as it enabled him to process whatever fascinating project he was applying himself too. The King has a calm exterior that hides an extraordinary passion for life.

The King of Cups – Why are you feeling like this ? Get in touch with your emotions.

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