The Fortune Teller

An old fairground amusement, The Fortune Teller. However, this machine does not simply dish out cards for you to interpret your fortune. The machine will burst into life and, many have said, provide a relevant spoken reading. I hope you enjoy your time with my Fortune Telling Machine, remember what it has told you.

What is happening in my Love life?

My most popular Psychic readings are related to affairs of the heart, readings relating to relationships or questions about love. My text a psychic service can offer an independent view on your personal situation to enable you to make up your mind as to how you want your life to develop. The same team that… Continue reading What is happening in my Love life?

The sign of Gemini – Tarot the Lovers

The sign of Gemini – Tarot – The Lovers … Children of the Voice Divine, Oracles of the Mighty Gods… Gemini is the twin sign that is intertwined with the Lovers Tarot archetype.  The Lovers tarot card depicts a young gorgeous man and woman; intertwined and naked. They appear as Adam and Eve in the… Continue reading The sign of Gemini – Tarot the Lovers