New Tarot Readings

5 card tarot spreads. Past, present, future. Choose your cards.

“Welcome seeker, shuffle my painted pasteboards, proceed with the ritual. Time to turn your first card of destiny”… Ok this is a posed spread but can you imagine if a sitter pulled these! I’ve been reading my whole life & have had some humdingers of readings I must admit, but these would challenge the most… Continue reading New Tarot Readings

What is happening in my Love life ?

My most popular Psychic readings Far & away the most popular request during a psychic reading is to see what is happening in matters of the heart, relationship readings or love answers. My text a psychic service can offer an independent view on your personal situation to enable you to make up your mind as… Continue reading What is happening in my Love life ?

Astrology Cancer & The Chariot Tarot

My Warrior of my Chariot Tarot card commands his war Chariot drawn by two sphinxes, one white & one black. Notice the reins he holds are not controlling the course of his journey. Can he take control over his destiny ?. Cancer The sign of Cancer (June 22 – July 22) has very little to… Continue reading Astrology Cancer & The Chariot Tarot