Super sensitive? surviving as an empath.

page of cups detailed tarot meaning
My personality is driven by love. I am emotionally stable and bring calmness to any turbulence in your life.

too many feels

My skin has always been too thin, I’ve always been too sensitive, picked up on other peoples issues. I’ve had it all my life, recently the term is ‘intuitive empath’. My father called it something quite different, “toughen up, get a grip” 

It can be so cathartic when you accept you are on a different frequency. I think this platform is great for putting things out there in an almost therapeutic way. When other sensitives resonate with your tiny corner of the world it opens an entirely new digital universe that validates & celebrates.

Empathy I believe is formed in childhood if not inherited, it can definitely be passed along hence the term ‘gift’. Those who had an unconventional childhood often retreat in to their own universe & can magnify any tendencies towards being super sensitive.

It can be an exhausting time, many sensitives I know have trouble shutting down or filtering their experience. Energy vampires can be a problem, walking black holes that can literally suck the life out of you!

The Page of Cups has a message. If you find crowded places too draining, find a focus or a talisman & carry it with you as a beacon to guide you through the chaos. Admittedly these days a huge gilded cup might draw some glances. You can substitute it for a favourite pocket crystal, a calming playlist on your phone, anything that grounds you.

Physically too empaths can be a way with the fairies. Stay hydrated, eat some solid food. The land of daydreams is fantastic but remember to get some fuel in the fire. 

This Page of cups is Glorious in Damask & pelt.

Pointing to the cup, the glimmer of hope becomes completion. This page knows the daily trudge yet keeps the faith as they know the goal is now in sight.

Unconscious inspiration comes in waves beyond current comprehension. Unexpected waves of emotion can take us by surprise

Tarot Affirmation

I am Earth in the suit of Water. My 

signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces,

My  personality is driven by love. I am

emotionally stable and bring calmness

to any turbulence in your life.

Make today magical for you

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