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omara tarot spread
5 card tarot spreads. Past, present, future. Choose your cards.

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“Welcome seeker, shuffle my painted pasteboards, proceed with the ritual. Time to turn your first card of destiny”… Visit my Tarot page to try my free tarot readings.

Ok this is a posed spread but can you imagine if a sitter pulled these! I’ve been reading my whole life & have had some humdingers of readings I must admit, but these would challenge the most experienced reader.

On a side note away from all the snobbery that can emerge around readings I always believe that the purpose of a reading is to send the sitter away feeling better thank when they arrived with a few new avenues to explore. 

It is always a deck of painted pasteboards in a dance between two souls.

I pulled them to show off a beauty of a late birthday pressie that arrived yesterday. What a stunner this deck is. Bizzzarely it is not exactly the deck that I had asked for. I sent a rubbish image I can’t now find & this is what was discovered with a google image search, it is obviously derived from the same inspiration though.

It ties in to my ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ / ‘Dr Terrors House of Horrors’ dark aesthetic & I love it. Perhaps a little powerful for readings with the general public but gorgeous none the less.

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I have been giving readings my entire life. This site has been online for 17 years serving people just like you from all over the globe. I hope you enjoy your visits, the extraordinary readers I feature on my pages are the best I have found.

The professional Clairvoyants, Tarot Readers & Psychics I feature on this site are incredibly experienced. The insights they provide help you find meaning, insight & clarity whatever your specific life challenge may be.

When choosing your psychic for your unique personal reading, you could start by checking out my new featured psychics page. My experienced friendly reception are always available to match you with the reader that can deliver the psychic reading that can help provide the answers to your questions

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