Full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn

strawberry moon astrology

Thursday, 24 June 2021(Capricorn): Full Strawberry-Moon

The full Strawberry Moon transports me back to perfect early summer days, drenched in nostalgia. Freedom, sunshine & sunburn. My mother was part of a team who used to harvest strawberries, backbreaking, exhausting work but such delicious prizes! especially with clotted cream & a couple of pots of her strong tea.

Strawberry Moon Astrology:

The Astrology of this one encourages us to deal with frustration, low level anger, some general unfocussed grumpiness. I certainly feel it, realise hoe the day to day, chippy remarks, technology niggles can all build our stress levels. What small battles could we take on that would yield a huge shift in our life. I’ve fixed my router for example & all those subconscious ‘spinning disk’ moments have been removed, how liberating!

I sat with this moon card a while. The massive shifts occurring, the extraordinary, unbelievable news breaking on a seemingly daily basis. All of this is inevitably shaking us all up.

Then I dug deeper. I realised that as we are making noises about returning to normal, ‘easing the restrictions’, there are elements of life that I just don’t want to revisit.

This has been a transformational cathartic time for me, I really want to continue some of the journeys I’ve started in the recent months.

It’s time to shine. Full Moons always herald a shift for me, time to grow. Things are changing like never before, will you?

Sudden clarity:

The full moon is always a time of full energy. A moment of enlightenment, literally and figuratively. Expect the secrets revealed, great ideas, sudden clarity, and hidden impacts at work to the surface.

This moon got its name because the Algonquins of North America knew it as a signal to harvest ripe fruits (especially strawberries).

Other names:

In Europe popular as “Rose Moon” (as strawberry is not native here). In Cree, it is famous as Sagipkawipizen, which means “the moon when leaves come out.” Other names are “hot moon,” “honeymoon,” and “planting moon.” 

Fun facts about Strawberry moon:

  • The different names have nothing to do with its colour
  • Morning is the best time to see it
  • The smallest full moon
  • It’s also the lowest moon
  • Astrologers believe it marks a time of change
  • It Will be fully visible for two days

Capricorn influence:

Capricorn is a typical sign of the earth: rooted, stable, and diligent. Goat is the sign of Capricorn. If you’ve seen mountain goats, you know that they can climb high and stay on unstable rocky ledges while maintaining perfect balance. If Capricorn is your sign now is the time to explore new paths, you can start by checking your daily Capricorn Horoscope

This is a seamless analogy of Capricorn and the energy of this full moon. This symptom is reliable, focused on concentration, and can be considered very difficult to lose balance. It’s about staying firmly rooted in who you are. From here, you can aim high and reach the top of your mountain.

The energy of this full moon may feel a little heavy on our shoulders. On the contrary, this energy can remind us that we can achieve anything and overcome anything. Even if time seems a little complicated and challenging, this Capricorn full moon is here to help you. We have to trust our ability and strength to succeed. From there, you can get everything you have in your mind!

The energy of Capricorn is so determined and strong-willed that it is as easy to reach their goals. Just like the sign of Capricorn reminded us, don’t forget to keep climbing, even if it looks a little tricky.

Confrontation: stay determined

During this rose moon, we are forced to face our problems. All the lessons we need to learn in the last few months are offered to us.  To challenge them once and for all. The Moon Tarot card in the Greater Arcana speaks of subconscious change the darkest hour is always just before the dawn.

This may sound scary, but things get more accessible because the energy of Capricorn is on our side. This may cause some anxiety, but make your faith greater than your fears. We must be willing to face any lesson that the universe sends in our way.

As the energy of this full moon begins to stabilize and heads for the July eclipse, we will feel much more comfortable where we are going. You have to trust that everything is going to be okay. It does not matter what is the situation now. Don’t despair or be discouraged by what comes to mind on this full moon. 

This Capricorn brings some essential pragmatism during the sensitive cancer season. Use this hard-working month to encourage you to remove things from your to-do list.

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