Love is the drug, Find Your true lover

How do I find Love ?

Today I had feedback from a client that I had completed a reading for who had been referred to me by my team as they were 'stuck' on a life-changing relationship dilemma. Almost always the first question people ask me is if I 'tell the truth' in my readings ?! Well of course the answer is yes. There are strict guidelines as to what can be said to a caller, my team strictly adhere to these guidelines. If they sense that the dilemma is medical or beyond the scope of a psychic reading then they will recommend the seeker looks for professional advice. There are readers out there who do not. It was the fallout from one of these unscrupulous operators that we found ourselves dealing with today. This person had been told that their ex was set to return & was even encouraged to have further, expensive readings to expediate the process. This had left the person in severe emotional turmoil & their life had effectively stalled. I hate this sort of practice, I see my study of Tarot & the Psychic arts as a privilege that should under no circumstances be abused & welcome the rules that regulate readings in order to prevent people being offered false hope. As soon as I laid out the cards I could see that the relationship had run its course & that the person should accept that, in fact I could see that this would release them from an emotional block. I see that again & again with relationship dilemmas, it is human nature to try & rekindle a partnership that deep down we know is making both parties unhappy as we are frightened that we will be left alone & never again find happiness. In my latest Free talking Psychic reading, my animated Relationship Tarot reading I have started from the perspective that before we can be truly loved by someone else we must accept ourselves completely & truly love ourselves. This is embodied perfectly in a quote I have used from the great Lucille Ball.

” Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

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