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Last night I had the joy of watching a friend of mine falling in love. A lot of people ask me “Why can’t I find the right person / when will I meet my soulmate”, it was no different with this lady. As I watched her flirting like a teenager, I felt secretly pleased, the last time I gave her a reading The Lovers indeed featured, however the primary message was that until she really began to love herself for the fabulous woman she is, and stopped looking for the perfect person she had created in her mind, she would still be searching for love.

Finding love, is this your year ?

Valentines Day is approaching, if you are looking for love right now, is it possible, Is this your year?

If you’re like most people the New Year brings a time when we try and revaluate ourselves our desires & our goals.  We look at our weight, our jobs, our finances and many times our relationships, or lack of one.  We usually sit down and make a plan to change what we don’t like and build on what we do. My phone tarot reading service is always busy with people wanting to check through their resolutions. Many also want to talk through what they perceive as a character flaw & hope that by addressing it they will instantly become more lovable. The truth is the moment you decide to love yourself unconditionally & allow your true personality to shine is the most important moment in any search for love, it has to be an inside job. For many single people finding someone to share their life with or spend time with is at the top of their New Year resolutions. Life is a journey that is better travelled when you can share your successes and your failures with someone you love.  Is this the year you’ll find love?  How important is finding a partner to you?  This could very well be the year you find love if you plan correctly.  Here are some suggestions to increase your odds of success.

Take the initiative

Most of us have many responsibilities we must allocate time for or they don’t get done.  Work must be taken care of.  Groceries must be purchased.  Dishes and laundry must be washed.  The list goes on and on.  All our responsibilities we make time for.  We set aside time and put energy into them so they are sure to be completed.  The same goes for finding a companion. You must make time to send out vibes that you are looking for love. You must make time to socialise and interact with real people.  Sitting on the couch and waiting for Mr. or Ms. Right to stumble through your front door is not going to find you a life companion. If you’re serious about finding someone special.  Get off the couch, off Facebook and go to singles events.  Go to every party you’re invited to, attend meet-ups, happy hours and functions where real people interact. If you have an interest join a club where you can meet like minded people. Most of all though, accept that you are a unique soul, a wonderful individual & you deserve to be loved !.

Take Some Chances, Change your Mindset

So you’ve decided to get serious about attracting someone special.  You’ve taken initiative, you’ve dedicated time with real people and now you need to take a few risks. I’m not talking about being foolish and making a date, with a stranger, for the first time in a dark alley.  Taking risks doesn’t mean jeopardising your values or safety.  What I’m talking about is visualising yourself in an exciting new relationship. If you have a fixed idea and know exactly how your ideal mate looks or how he / she will behave, I’m afraid you are probably set to be disappointed. Try my free celtic cross tarot reading to get an idea of where you currently are one your life path.  Take a little risk, ask the universe to deliver a new partner and you might be pleasantly surprised. Perhaps date someone a  little older, maybe take a chance with someone a bit younger than your ideal. Dating should be a fun time and a time for trying new things.  Break the mould and see that maybe what you’ve been searching for isn’t really what you want after all.

Put Yourself in a Position for Success

If you’re sitting in front of a television or computer waiting for your dream guy / girl to walk through the door, you’ve pretty much set yourself up for failure and another year of wondering when love will arrive. A free tarot psychic reading could reveal where you are on your love quest or put your mind in gear to keep alert for love opportunities.

Understand people that are successful at dating are generally successful are not luckier, prettier or smarter than you.  They just put themselves in better circumstances, increasing their odds favourably, to find and court the type of person that could be that someone special.  This could very well be the year you find love if you take the initiative, dedicate your wish to the universe, take a few chances and put yourself in a position for success.

If you are looking for love, I seriously hope Cupid comes looking for you very soon. I am off for lunch with my partner of 10 years, we are still incredibly happy & yes, they are nothing like my imagined ‘type’ …

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I hope you manifest everything you desire x

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