Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius

supermoon flower moon
total lunar eclipse also known as a “Blood Moon"

Sagittarius the archer brings fiery optimism to ward off the impending Mercury Retrograde. The last Super Moon of 2021 – this moon is also a total lunar eclipse though only visible from certain locations.

Sagittarius sets us on a search for security. We have expanded our boundaries & any goals we have set ourselves should begin to appear closer. This Moon in Sagittarius is ablaze with optimism & nurtures growth, any neglected projects should be revisited under the light of this moon.

The Full Moon of the month of May is traditionally called the Flower Moon. This name is actually associated with warm spring weather & explosion colour that characterises the month of May. Other terms or names for the May Full Moon are Corn Planting Moon, Milk Moon and the Mother’s Moon.

Why Do All Full Moons Have Different Names?

Throughout history different people from different regions have used the Moon, & the light it reflects, for different daily-routine tasks – such as hunting, planting & harvesting.

This month’s full flower moon will be the closest full Moon of 2021, making it the second of two supermoons – don’t miss the opportunity to see it! Here’s everything you should definitely know about this month’s full flower Moon.

May 26, 2021
Lunar Eclipse | Sagittarius Full Moon

☽ at 05° 25‘ Sagittarius ☉ at 05° 25‘ Gemini

Why is the Full Moon of May is Called Flower Moon?

The Full Moon of May is called the Flower Moon to signify the importance of flowers that bloom during the month symbolising growth and potential. There’s a myriad of wildflowers which bloom in the Northern Hemisphere, where these traditional (old) Full Moon and super moons names originated.

For example, many kinds of anemone, wild garlic, bluebells, lupine, sundrops, & violets, to name a few. It is no surprise that the colorful displays these beautiful flowers make in nature have inspired many people to name this time after them. Floromancy the art of Divination with Flowers is very popular to welcome the return of summer, one of the very best psychics I have ever encountered is a Floromancy practitioner, it is an unusual but often revealing practice with an obvious natural element that can forge a powerful connection during a reading.

Other moon’s names for May’s brightest Moon phase are Mother’s Moon & Milk Moon, from the Old English Rimilcemona which actually means the Month of Three Milkings, when the cows were milked 3 times a day. Some other sources refer to this moon as the Hare Moon, but this term is more common for the March Full super Moon.

In some other parts of the world, the Flower Moon is better called Vesak or Buddha Day, the most important celebration for Buddhists all around the globe. On the first full moon of the month of May, Buddhists commemorate the birth, & passing of the Buddha.

Devout practitioners are also encouraged to renew their feelings and intention to adhere to sacred Buddhist laws and principles, as well as refrain from all kinds of killing & violence, which includes eating meat as well. Celebrations of this moon include giving charity to the poor, disabled, & otherwise marginalized people in society.

Pagans, associate the Flower Moon of May with the element of fire, & thus often celebrate the flower moon by lighting bonfires & engaging in other magical fire rituals to bring peace and prosperity.

Powerful colors for the Full Flower Moon of May include fiery colors such as red, yellow, & orange. This is a great time to tend your garden & let the seeds you have planted blossom – both literally & metaphorically. Cultivate all your passions and desires, and encourage them to burst forth into bloom, and you will surely be rewarded with abundance in varieties of forms in your life.

Alternative May Moon Names

May’s Moon names and terms tend to speak to the arrival of spring season & all that it entails! The Cree terms Budding Full Moon & Leaf Budding Full Moon celebrate the awakening and rising of local flora, which really begin to leaf out now in several regions. Similarly, Planting Moon (also known as Dakota, Lakota) marks the arrival of time when plant seeds should be started for the farming season ahead.

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