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I have just given a reading to a young lady who’s question concerned her career & whether she would continue as she was, or move, perhaps abroad.

However, the three cards I turned made me ask : “Are you not more interested in your love life?” She looked a little uncomfortable & said that she had been told, ( by someone else I hasten to add! ), that as she had the Queen of Swords as her significator, she was destined to be lonely for a long time & should focus on career.

Best Tarot cards for love

Well after dismissing the irresponsible previous reading, I said to this lovely lady that as she had pulled not only The Lovers, but also the Two of Cups & the Ten of Cups then romance was certainly circling her reading !

Be Careful what you say !

This is a perfect example to readers that what they say WILL be absorbed by the questioner at some level, it is imperative to frame any reading in a positive way.

Love Yourself

My mantra, stolen from Lucille Ball, is ‘Love Yourself first’ & I made sure to impress this on the by now much happier young lady in front of me. I left her with a brief rundown of how to continue the search for that special someone !.

Tips for Looking for a Perfect Partner

In our eternal search for the perfect partner, it is likely that we will hit a few bumps in the road. Knowing exactly what we want in another person is the first question we need to answer. Without a road map of sorts, it will be impossible to know when we find that person. However also bear in mind that that special person may not initially fit in to your ‘perfect description’. That certainly happened to me & I stepped outside of my ‘type’ & 12 years later we are still incredibly happy!

Below are some tips for finding the most important person in your life when you are looking for love.

1. Write down the qualities you want in a perfect partner and keep them in a safe place so you can review them periodically. Be sure to write down the qualities that are “must haves” and the ones that would be nice, but aren’t deal breakers. Many people arrive for a reading by searching psychic reading near me & then plumping for a psychic reading by phone instead. People are often amazed that a remote reading can be just as good as a face to face.

2. Never judge a book by its cover. Some people make a good first impression, and some don’t. Go on a second date if the person seems to match your list, even if the first date is less than perfect. Building chemistry can take a few dates. Also try to project the ‘real you’, ‘playing a part’ will get you nowhere fast !

3. Even though it may seem daunting. Join groups where you can meet people who like the same things you do. Mutual interests are a good basis for starting a relationship.

4. Be flexible and give people a chance before you write them off, particularly if they seem to meet your most important criteria.

5. Be bold and try new things to sweeten your odds for meeting that special person. Don’t turn down invitations. You never know where you will meet your perfect match!

6. Do not compare new people you meet to other romantic partners. Be sure to give everyone a fresh and fair start without prejudging them based on old baggage left over from other relationships.

7. Be yourself. Don’t try and please others by changing who you are. Remember you are perfect for your intended.

8. Go slow. There’s no rush. It is important to enjoy the ride. Romance should be fun.

9. Be flexible with your list. If a person you meet fits the most important criteria and is a lot of fun, then you should forgive them for not being absolutely perfect in every way.

10. Stay open-minded. Looking for love should be an adventure. Try computer dating if you are computer savvy. It has led many people into the arms of a perfect partner. Be sure to use a reputable company! Remember to try an online relationship reading to get some intel about whether cupid is set to pay you a visit anytime soon.


The most important advice for finding your perfect partner is to never give up. Romance is exciting. Savour every imperfect moment of the search, and eventually you will stumble on the perfect bliss that accompanies all great partnerships.

I hope you manifest all your desires !

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