Moldavite Power
Moldavite, the meteor stone is a tektite, a high vibration stone of intense frequency.

“What a curious feeling!’ said Alice; ‘I must be shutting up like a telescope.”

“Now I’m opening out like the largest telescope that ever was”

Being alone can force us to very quickly find out if we like our own company or not. I’m having an Alice day, the telescoping quote is exactly how I feel. Mentally & physically I go down wormholes & then need to  s t r e t c h  not only my body, also my consciousness.

Mad Hatter: Am I going mad?

I find that meditation or hypnosis are my greatest friends. I can slip off in to alternate worlds, parallel realities. While I am there I uncover plans for projects, unrealised dreams that now, in our new reality, I can focus on pulling in to the here & now. Manifesting some fantasies in the ‘real’ world is an exciting prospect that diverts from the endless background drip feed of rolling news.

My free Tarot readings & Daily Horoscopes are popular as an entertaining distraction. My Free Video Tarot reading is proving to be my most popular resource, Thank you for all the lovely feedback. If you haven’t tried already shuffle the deck, What Tarot card will you choose?

Mad Hatter: Am I going mad?

Alice: Yes, you’re mad, bonkers, off the top of your head…but…I’ll tell you a secret.

All the best people are.

We will be spending a lot of time with the voices in your heads. Now is the time to set boundaries as you would with any friend, internal or otherwise. Don’t be scared to question or challenge the voice within, get a second opinion sometimes from a trusted source maybe.

Technology will keep us connected until we can step out in to what will be an unprecedented new landscape of reality.

Time for another dive down the rabbit hole methinks. I hope this finds you well? Have a magical weekend,




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