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The Angel of the Lovers


Getting totally lost in a process, that’s my zone, the pure joy of creating just for the hell of it. Today I’m going to appreciate every moment of every day. The husband has different ideas, he’s excited about doing a ‘big shop’, Would rather chew my own legs off. I’m determined to enjoy every never ending aisle.

I’m on a retro tip, this is an old fisheye lens. This psychedelic deck just makes me want to dig out my flares & kickers, early spring cleans are a dangerous thing, you lose days.. I actually whooped with excitement as I read with these. Looking good for me by the way, if I can cut myself some slack, get out of my own way.

Come meet the Angel of the Lovers card with me. Check out my 1 minute movie:


Be the love of your life

Key 7: “ I love myself unconditionally. All of my interactions grow deeper, more nourishing & fulfilling every day”.  

Before you can love anyone, truly love them, you must love yourself. When you really love yourself you can set yourself free. From all the self doubt, the comparisons to others, the I should be thinner, funnier, stronger. When you love yourself, then you can prepare to love someone else. Then you can set them free too.

The Lovers, If this card turns for you be ready to give your heart & soul without fear. Go forth & be a beacon of light today, you so deserve it.

Lovers affirmation

Tarot – The Lovers – Can you sense the temptation that threatens the equilibrium? Should they yield to this, the eternal love that can propel them into the light will disappear, this is the everlasting truth.

Make today magical for you

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