awaken empath

Leo full moon
The Wolf Moon - Opportunities arise

The sensitive outsiders, those used to feeling not quite of this world – are rising up.

Those who feel the shadows of other peoples lives passing through them, the sensitives, the mystics. Recent times of introspection have focused the energies. The world welcomes back all the spiritual warriors, the psychic readers. Those who feel your feelings before you do, those in touch with the universal consciousness.

The brave who inspire, encouraging your passions. Spiritual champions, the living antidote for the negativity vortex that clouds & confuses.

My mothers beloved Wolf Moon is upon us, this one always caused much excitement when it rolled round in the almanac. Much scanning for early planting opportunities, dreaming of the return of Spring.

This time in dynamic Leo – opportunity, victory. This lunar portal gives us the chance to ‘be’ the moon, step in to the serenity. The stillness allows messages to flow from the subconscious.  

Reclaim the secrets, release your inner mystic, step in to your power. 

Moon Affirmation:

“The darkest hour is always just before the dawn.

Why do you still fear ghosts & nocturnal apparitions?

These are just transitory illusions.”

The Moon Tarot Meaning


– 🃏

– 🔮

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