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Two of Cups

two of cups tarot meaning

Coming together

Connection, Soulmates, Synchronicity

Lord of Love

Two cups stand for commitment in a loving partnership or even a business venture. Both opinions need to be incorporated to afford a satisfactory conclusion. Floating above a winged lion above a cadauceus (a staff entwined by two snakes forming a double helix ). A piercing light of revelation appears.

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As with all of the twos in the Tarot deck. The Two of Cups is about attaining balance, one force will inevitably challenge the other, black & white, man & woman, the two indicates a choice needs to be made. The suit of Cups is overflowing with emotion & unbridled feelings, this energy can be overwhelming when experienced by an individual. However when the added complication of another person enters the mix it can sometimes become confusing & disorientating. One of the most regular scenarios I encounter whilst reading Tarot for women is that they just cannot accept that men are indeed totally different animals. The woman will often bombard her suitor with endless calls, texts or emails which in fact usually just alienates the subject of her attraction. Usually, but admittedly not always it is the man who needs his space. He may be just as committed to the relationship but does not find it necessary to be chained to his partner & may well need time alone or indeed with friends to provide a break from the intensity of relationships.

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This card more than any other embodies the good & bad that is inherent in every individual, the two serpents symbolise good & evil & warn that the emotions connected with the cups can easily turn the power of attraction to jealousy & dangerous infatuation. The lion has the wings of freedom indicating that true love can only prosper if you allow your intended room to live an independent life. If you let them go they will truly come back to you, often with renewed energy & with new experiences with which to add interest to your union. This card can indicate that a more intimate relationship can develop from an existing platonic friendship or even a business partnership. The Two of Cups shows that a deep understanding is set to develop. Be prepared to see the other point of view, any differences can be resolved by the two, feel free to ask advice of another, contain your emotional responses and any situation or partnership will be resolved in your favour.

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