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Being isolated has made us face our energy

Boundaries are expanding everyday. Even in such a relatively short time so much has changed. Surprised by how these times have affected many, some old pastimes now seem so irrelevant, time has become more precious.⁣

Being isolated has made us face our energy

New projects have taken front row, our minds have expanded. We have definitely grown, lost our marbles & put ourselves back together so many times. Hopefully this time we might be just that little bit wiser.

Being isolated has made us face our energy, the only thing we really control, the voice in our head. We’ve realised that most of the time, people only really think about themselves. ⁣

Our connections may have dwindled, circles got smaller. We may finally realise what, or indeed who is truly important.⁣

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Shout out to all the Inspired visionaries, the disillusioned mystics, the cards lingers, the seers, the soothsayers.

Change only comes from looking from a different perspective. I am instinctively drawn to those who say ‘Ok this is where we are, but what if?’

The ones who are looking for alternative realities, different outcomes. If we follow the same path we always reach the same destination.

Current Moon for me sees an almost unquenchable need to release the inner child, go completely feral. I’m in a creative phase, next week I need to calm it down & get some serious box ticking done, truly not my strongpoint.

Circumstances change, people leave, paths appear. Life doesn’t stop, we need to make our choice & get on the bus. Because after all the only thing we can really change is ourselves, our outlook & our choices.

I hope today is magical for you, I hope this strange moment in time treats you well, be good to yourself & those you care about.⁣
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