The Wolf Moon What does it mean for me?

wolf moon what does it mean
The Power of the Wolf Moon

The Wolf MoonWhy is it important?

As the month draws to a close the moon appears to make its grand finale. The Wolf Moon in Leo has come roaring into our lives as it radiates with an abundance of energy. As the first full moon of 2021, it certainly is making a statement.

What Happens During a Full Moon?

The moon represents what lies on the inside. It affects how we process our emotions, our innermost feelings and our dreams. The mysterious and luminous planet is also related to how we adapt to change and it can also signify timings. 

During the full moon, these features are heightened. Our thoughts, feelings and fantasies are amplified more so than ever. It can evoke feelings of great vulnerability and it can also unleash our potential. 

The full moon symbolises rebirth. It is a time where cycles end, it also represents death. There is a magnificent beauty in the full moon that permeates through all life on earth. It affects everything from the animals, to the planet and the oceans, right through to human beings.  

This is a great time for manifestation and for setting intentions. Full moon rituals such as charging crystals, writing down aspirations and burning sage are becoming more popular as people tap into its power. 

As the full moon helps you to reflect and learn from the moments that have passed, it will leave you thinking ‘what could I have done better?’ All of the ups and downs that you have faced in recent months will help you to decipher what actions you could take to better yourself

This particular full moon is referred to as the wolf moon – according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac. The wolf moon in Leo falls between the 27th to the 30th January 2021.

The Influence of Leo

Under the influence of Leo, this full moon is dramatic and theatrical. A classic trait of the fabulously, fierce feline. Positive energy and a boost in confidence are to be expected during this period. The flashy and passionate energy that it holds will leave you feeling driven as you work to pursue your goals.

Leo is known for its ambition, this full moon will motivate you and get you ready to enter the new month. This is a great time to tap into its energy and face your fears with bravery. If any limiting beliefs are holding you back, confront them with the courage of a lion.

Take advantage of this time. This full moon holds a lot of potential where you may come across opportunities and work even harder to reach the level of success that you crave. Get your head down and start planning how you can achieve your goals.

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The Planetary Aspects

However, Saturn proves to be difficult at this time as it’s influence can bring disharmony. Mood swings and difficulty expressing emotions may present themselves during this Wolf Moon in Leo. It may also bring up bitter memories from childhood such as issues with finances or moments of failure.

Avoid the fatigue that Saturn may bring and try not to overdo it. Though you may feel determined and full of energy, overexertion will only set you back. Think your steps through clearly and take your time. There is no rush to get everything done. 

With Jupiter in conjunction with the moon, as it passes on the far side of the sun, it can bring us even more positive vibrations. The planet is associated with good fortune and prosperity. The energy that it has alongside the full moon could result in strong business decisions and opportunities for acquiring wealth.

Mars, the God of war, also rears its troublesome head as it comes square with the moon. Angry outbursts and emotional turbulence are a common theme as the moon and Mars clash. It also creates an insatiable need to fulfil your desires. There is synergy with this aspect and the influence of Leo. Drive and determination can be felt tenfold during this full moon.

Uranus, famous for the upheaval, disruption and change that it causes, also draws square with the moon. This creates an almost obsessive need for stimulation, independence and a change of scenery. During this full moon, you may react to your environment, triggering compulsive and eccentric behaviour.

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Why Is the Wolf Moon in Leo Important?

Your personal and professional success is in sharp focus. The progress that you make throughout this year can be set during this full moon which makes it relevant and, potentially, beneficial for you. 

After the impact of 2020, many will be looking for ways that they can safeguard themselves from negativity. This full moon offers the opportunity for you to understand what you need to do in order to bring prosperity into your future. If you harness this moment well you can learn and grow in ways that you never expected.

Be honest with yourself. Don’t be afraid to address your weaknesses. You draw strength from powerfully exploring every side of yourself in an open manner. The effects of this full moon could be the difference between confidently conquering your goals or dealing with issues of self-belief.

The wolf moon in Leo is all about finding your power. Know yourself and use your skills well and to the best of the ability. Like the king of the jungle, there is nothing that can be used against you. If you take in the lessons the moon brings you can experience great abundance.

Use the hindsight that this full moon brings to improve your personal development. Even with the drawbacks that you may experience with Saturn and Mars, try to clear your mind and process everything that you are feeling. Every positive and negative moment that we experience has a message that we need to hear.

Overall, the wolf moon in Leo presents a shift in our energy that can catapult us toward success. We can learn a lot about ourselves during this time and cultivate an attitude of acceptance where we can freely forgive our past mistakes and move forward.

This is a time for executing our plans, setting strong intentions and moving toward a brighter future. With the full moon in Leo by our side, we can achieve anything.

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