The Tower – The Facade Begins To Crumble, What Lies Behind ?

tower tarot meaning

The Tower.

Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty

The Tower,  Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :

The TowerTarot Card – Appearance :
Lightning strikes The crowned Tower,
in an instant the structure begins to crumble.

The Tower Tarot Card – Interpretation :
THE TOWER (The House of God)-This card

shows a crowned tower,  being destroyed
by lightning. The meaning of the card is
imagined catastrophe. You may have felt distress,
disagreements with loved ones & colleagues may
have occured. You are holding a long held grudge
that should now be resolved. An overdue call needs to be
made. The card may indicate an impending change of
outlook and a feeling of uncertainty, trepidation
& excitement for the unknown. These feelings
will pass, shortly you will have disccovered
a new path and begin to feel greatly improved.
The Tower can warn of false accusations.
Freedom of spirit and body will be gained but may
have some consequences.

Are Your Foundations Secure ? What will replace the Tower ?

The Tower Tarot Card – Correspondences


Tree of Life Path : 17
Trump : 16 – The Tower

Hebrew Letter : pe

Element, Planet, Zodiac

Deities : Horus
Animal : Bear, wolf
Plant : Absinthe, Rue

My Relationship with The Tower
In my experience the Tower appears during periods of uncertainty. Instability that rocks you to the foundations. It can often refer to bricks & mortar problems. I recently gave a reading to a a lady in Australia & the Tower card took a predominant place in the spread. It was compounded by several other unsettling cards including The Devil, the card that precedes The Tower in the Major Arcana sequence & also The Hierophant. My intuition told me that the Devil in this scenario referred to drugs & also prostitution., as you can appreciate, I really didn’t want to bring this up with the seeker in question until I was sure that I was correct! It transpired that she had rented the house to some unscrupulous tenants who were indeed selling drugs & involved in prostitution. The Tower told me that structural damage had occurred to the house & The Hierophant indicated that an official body had become involved. The council had insisted that the seeker rebuild communal fencing that had been destroyed by these individuals. The Tower, in her case, indicated that her world was literally falling apart. Thankfully after completing the repairs the lady in question quickly sold the property for much more than previous estimates.  With the Tower, often after periods of great upheaval, a new calm is revealed, truths are exposed. When the Tower appears to me I await the lightning bolt with trepidation, safe in the knowledge that a new reality awaits behind the crumbling facade.

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