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Order from chaos with the Grand Etteilla tarot

⁣Here we go then, a shuffle of the deck, cut to 3 piles, 3 cards selected from each. Will it be past, present, future? or a more flexible wander through some potential quantum outcomes.⁣

A good reading isn’t tall dark strangers

Recently I have had my mother’s crystal ball around, it’s given me great comfort. I don’t use it for scrying in the traditional sense, just to focus my intentions. That & a randomly selected crystal friend, today was a majestic lump of black tourmaline.⁣
⁣This reading was a big hitter. the messages of the Tarot convince me more & more that life has structure & meaning if we are honest enough to engage fully. It is us that need to decode the keys to manifest the destiny the Universe has waiting for us. ⁣
⁣This is an old favourite deck picked up in L.A. many years ago, I love the colouring book quality that allows me to project my own colour & meaning among the pages. ⁣
A good psychic reading isn’t tall dark strangers, it should whisper to us of possibility, potential, directions we may not yet of considered. ⁣
⁣I hope after all the excitement 2020 is treating you well so far? Have a peaceful, transformational day⁣.
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