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The element of Earth | Success & Pleasure
queen of pentacles Tarot Meaning

The Suit of Pentacles, build on the foundations, manifest your desires.
The suit of materialism, finance and economic security, Pentacles are about money, wealth and resources. It is also the suit of values, principles and career. The underlying message of the Pentacles is that we must learn the basic ground rules, before we can begin to build on our dreams. The Pentacles teach us to deal with our environment, control our ego & develop the strength to control external influences, take control and shape or manifest our world, earth ourselves in reality.

" The solidity of the element of Earth is the foundation of the Suit of Pentacles. Representative of money matters, long term goals, career path and the manifesting of material possesions in the physical world."

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Meditation on the Suit of Pentacles

As I stepped in to each Pentacles Tarot card to design the images, I focused on how your thoughts & beliefs can forge your reality. The element of Earth is integral to the Suit of Pentacles, the grounding energy that earths the Pentacless can manifest incredible changes to your world & build the foundations for solid advancement.

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The Ace of swords is a card of decision, one that must be made swiftly. The Sword indicates victory & can slice through to the truth of any situation, however the blade has a double edge & must be handled confidently. The Ace of Swords can cut both ways & as the Swords suit corresponds to the element of air which in turn relates to thought, careful consideration must be given to any action connected to this card. The Ace of Swords is a very powerful card & can instantaneously change the course of a reading & indeed the course of the seekers life.

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The Sword has the power to bring light after darkness, joy after despair, promise from desperation. When the Ace of Swords appears to me I know that a far reaching decision is looming, a decision that will require to be made quickly & accurately. When the aces appear the purest form of energy relating to the element of the suit is present so if I draw the Ace of Swords I know that purity of thought is what is required. The Crown is a symbol of advancement & success, the branches represent peaceful victory. The sword will swing through the seekers reading, make sure that it connects with the target. The Ace of Swords – The blade is sharp, make sure it cuts in your favour.

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3 card Tarot - Past, present, future

Honour the past, be sure to truly live in the present. The future is the one for me, the excitement of the unknown, stepping out of the comfort zone just a little, that’s the one that makes my heart race.

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