Powerful Full Worm Moon – Escape Your Illusions

Virgo Moon Meaning

The glorious worm moon in Virgo. Linking the past to the future through focusing on the present. What can we look at now to manifest a brighter tomorrow. 

This moon has shined on all that ever was & is waiting for all that will ever be. This moon will shine clarity on the details you need to focus on as we move through another phase of release & grow.

Tarot is of course my main mistress so the Virgo influence here is The Hermit. The Hermit moves slowly towards a long held goal. You will realise your ultimate purpose. Through perseverance and by being ruthlessly critical with yourself, and others your intuition, as the lantern, will light your way.

This lunation soothes emotional outbursts & calms nocturnal nightmare adventures, allowing us to focus our energy towards manifesting long held plans systematically. We have been looking in our shadows, this moon clearly burns them away, revealing our true path.

March’s Full worm Moon will appear couple of days before the arrival of spring in northern hemisphere. It is also possible that it will still be frosty outside in parts, but this moon deserves to chill your bones for its view.

You can see this month’s Worm Moon on March 18th if you are not under cloud or unfortunate enough to be locked inside that night. I always strive to greet the full moon, even in the metropolis, & she never fails to disappoint. I feel the connection, it takes my breath away.

Why the Worm Moon? 

The Full Moons’ names or phrase reflect peculiarities of the lunar months in which they occur. For example, in America and Europe, the Full Moon in March is called this because at that time earthworms start to appear from beneath a cold winter’s soil; obviously our feathered friends perk up when they realise the earth is coming alive again. 

One more “spring sign” you’ll witness two days after March’s full moon will be the equinox – astronomically speaking it marks first day of Spring for people living north on Earth.

Surprising Truth Behind the Full Worm Moon Name

March’s full Moon is called Worm Moon. For years, we thought this name referred to the earthworms that appear after spring in the soil warms up. This invites robins & other beautiful birds to feed – a true sign of spring!

However, more research revealed another explanation. In 1760s Captain Jonathan Carver visited the Naudowessie (Dakota) and other Native American tribes with wrote that “Worm” moon refers to a different sort of “worm”—beetle larvae—which starts emerging from thawing bark at winter hideouts during this time.

What Does the Full Worm Moon Mean for Your Zodiac Sign?

Many astrologers say that the full moon is deeply emotional and healing. It also provides opportunities for growth. Pisces will be looking at their relationships during this month, according to several astrology schools this month is a time to “come together with another.” 

Those who may have been having difficulty expressing themselves in recent months because of their sun sign’s transformation into the earth element through its association with February’s new moon lunar cycle, can now let loose when they get to experience the worm moon, this year on March 18th.

April 18th-20th offers an opportunity for Aries where you’ll feel like you’re being illuminated from within by something beautiful. Focus on connecting inwardly with your body and releasing anything that no longer serves you well or brings you down. The older you get, the more thankful you become of the periods of reassess & release that the moon phases bring. I am Aries & have had a real rough ride this month, time to heal just enough so I can step in to the constructive phase that is set to develop.

Many people are struck by flashes of inspiration when they glimpse the moon. Long held questions rise to the surface. My text a psychic service often sees people, especially young people, who want fast psychic answers to their most burning questions seeking out answers at this time.

It may be my imagination, but I often see a correlation between the card that represents the Zodiac sign of any given moon appear more frequently on my free tarot reading pages. This month is Virgo, so the card that corresponds is the Hermit. What message could the Hermit Tarot card have for you?

For those born under the sign of Gemini, this is a time to really lean on the people who mean the most to you. Strive to open quality time with those closest, it may be eye-opening for them as well as you.

On the flip side, with an abundance of powerful Pisces energy in anyone’s career sector during March’s downtime from the comfort zones (normally what happens when we’re happy), there could be realisation or breakthroughs that come more easily than usual, psychic readings by phone could have an enhanced connection, more details around your current situation way be forthcoming.

Cancers are encouraged at this full moon month to seek for wisdom and higher learning faculties about their mental and communication realms. This lunation has much opportunity for fresh starts and renewal; Virgos would also do well to embark on any new phases of learning at this time.

March is a chance for you to explore the depths of your life, in tune with the Earth coming back to life. You may be drawn towards meditation & hypnosis, opening up the mystical side of your life via journeys inside & further work on the shadow side & discussions with the inner child. Your intuition will be heightened this month & easier than normal to focus, many messages may come through, be receptive.

March can be an adventurous time for Capricorn. Think about what is not working in your life and consider stepping outside of your comfort zone. Pisces energy may make March feel more emotional than you are used to, but with intention and awareness, you can use these emotions as healing or nurturing agents.

How To See the March 2022 Full Worm Moon?

This March 18th, the full moon will reach its peak brightness at 3:17 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). This is a sight to behold & should be experienced if you possibly can to recharge your spiritual wifi through the energy of this beauty. The Full Moon stays above the horizon all night and with short days in March, there are plenty of hours to experience this view. The day before and after this date, might even give you a clearer view if you’re lucky!

When is the Next Full Moon?

The next Pink Moon will take place on April 16, 2022. If this has stimulated your interest go online & learn more about the meaning behind the name and other useful information about the approaching moon, it’s name, it’s astrology. An interest in the moon is a lifelong gift, as I have said many times before my interest was sparked by my mother aligning her gardening to the phases of the moon.

I truly hope this powerful lunation manifests everything you desire & allows you to leave behind anything that may have been draining your energy.

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