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An unusual amount of readings this week have taken the form of confessionals mixed with early New Years resolutions. Really powerful, cathartic stuff, I’ve loved every minute!

As we slide toward the darkness of winter, ominous undertones fuelled by world events seem to be peaking & waning, revealing more vibrant, dare I say it happier energies.

I have a book of insights, a physical book of ideas that I have had for years, plans, dreams, a never ending to do list that form my resolutions. I also have endless digital notes, mad ramblings dictated to Siri on my cycle commutes plus all manner of papers & scrapbooks. Maybe 5% of it ever sees the light of day!

just the turn of a page in the calendar…”

My resolution next year is to just wing it more, to just get stuff out there, not worry about perfection or ‘the right time’. 

My advice this week to sitters who pulled the New Years resolution angle, rather than add in new stuff or suddenly try & stick to that diet, again – join that gym, again. Why not just focus on what already makes you happy, do more of the things that are working, build on those. Anything that is obviously a waste of time, repeats of tv shows, worrying about scenarios that will probably never develop, maybe let those slide.

The New Year isn’t magic, it is just the turn of a page in the calendar. What it signifies is renewal, rebirth. Starting again with a clean slate.

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