New Moon, New Me?

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Already a month since the last full moon. I love the moon phases, my mother was a fiend for the Old Farmer’s Almanac so the regularity is ingrained in me. If I glimpse the full moon I always smile think of the old Girl & say ‘There you go mother, she’s a beauty tonight!’

I will probably put her crystal ball out tonight for a recharge. She liked a bit of scrying, though I think it was actually just a focus for some intense meditation.

‘There you go mother, she’s a beauty tonight!’

As each month closes I like to reflect on my diaries, see what I’ve achieved, give myself some slack for that which I haven’t yet fixed / managed to manifest. I said last month what has really changed since the last full moon, truth is if you have not made any changes, probably not much!
There is no real ending, well not until the guy on this card actually shows up in your life spread ( I know! The Death card doesn’t signify physical death, calm down!). Maybe each ending is just the marker where you take stock & start the next chapter, your next adventure.

I genuinely feel that I am embarking on the next chapter of my life. Elements of my story that no longer fit are just slowly fading, they are just bits of my story that I really don’t need to bother telling any more.

Today is the first page of your next chapter, make sure it’s the story that you really want to tell.

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