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Divine your path by the light of the Sun & Moon Tarot.

The Moon watches over your dreams, the Sun is there to shine a light on the potential that is all around. 

Why not accept that just maybe you are on the right path?

Why do you make your path so complicated? Why not accept that maybe you are on the right path, just exactly where you need to be.

They watch in wonder as your story unfolds, you rewrite it subconsciously all the time. Remember you are not always the author, your destiny is not fixed.

The next chapter of your journey reveals where your path leads & they know it is awesome.

The Sun – symbolises luminous joy, blessings materialise.Your inner child now comes out to play. Enjoy yourself & revel in your individuality, break free from conformity. 

Tarot Sun affirmation :

“Understand the power of the rays combine with all in nature to create your reality. You are a divine being, let your light illuminate your world”

If you can, be the sunbeam to someones darkness today, tell someone you love them, be a ray of light.

Video Tarot Meaning Sun – Tarot Rehab Sun

The Moon – At the edge of dreams we face our fears, we realise they are just ghosts of our past. Our fears can live in the shadows. The light of the moon dissolves uncertainty leading us to dreamland where our future is waiting.

I have said any times I love the Almanac Moon Phase Calendars so beloved of my Mother. Next time you see the moon ask what message it has for you, what can you achieve in the next moon cycle.

Creative caring intuitive Pisces is the playmate of the moon. The moon controls the tides, does it influence you in anyway? It sure does me, the phases become rituals weaving their magic through the chapters of our lives.

The Wolf is our raw base instinct, our animal reflex that reacts subconsciously. The dog is our more polished self, the mask we hide behind, the vehicle that carries us along the path of our life. Balancing both sides of our nature is the most difficult trick of all

The towers mark the edges of our experience, beyond these may be life beyond our wildest dreams. Most of our boundaries are self created or inherited beliefs. 

The waxing & waning moon is the rhythm of life. fantasy over logic, dreams over reason.

It’s time to shine. Glimpsing the Moon always herald a shift for me, time to grow. Things are changing like never before, will you?

When you encounter the moon, listen for messages in a dream, on the edge of consciousness … I hope today finds you at peace, look after yourself, you are amazing, make sure your serenity is cranked up to ‘Max’

Tarot Moon Affirmation:

“The darkest hour is always just before the dawn.

Why do you still fear ghosts & nocturnal apparitions?

These are just transitory illusions.”

Video Tarot Moon meaning – Tarot Rehab Moon

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