Tarot Court Cards – The Court of the suit of Cups

Click here – To view my complete Suit of Cups Continuing my journey through the Court cards, the court cards, though puzzling initially are fantastic indicators of the people who are in, or are going to impact, the questioner’s life. I find it useful to describe the energy that I am picking up from any… Continue reading Tarot Court Cards – The Court of the suit of Cups

Tarot The Court Cards The suit of Wands

The Tarot Court Cards The Court cards can cause confusion when someone begins to interpret the Tarot. Many years ago I abandoned the little white books that come with Tarot decks & decided to rely on intuition to decipher the message my deck was showing me. I list the accepted meanings of the court or… Continue reading Tarot The Court Cards The suit of Wands

Valentine’s Day Love tarot

It’s almost here, Valentine’s Day. Unsurprisingly quite a few people having readings are asking the same question, “Will Cupid fire his arrow for me this year ?”. Valentine’s Day has become hugely commercial & is a really big deal for a lot of people that see it as the main chance for attracting a partner,… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Love tarot

Lucky Omens – Black Cats

Lucky Omens Many people around the world believe in lucky omens even if they wouldn’t necessarily describe themselves as superstitious. There are certain lucky and unlucky omens that are so prevalent in society that most people believe and adhere to them to some extent. For example most people would avoid walking under a ladder if… Continue reading Lucky Omens – Black Cats

Finding love in 2012

Last night I had the joy of watching a friend of mine falling in love. A lot of people ask me “Why can’t I find the right person / when will I meet my soulmate”, it was no different with this lady. As I watched her flirting like a teenager, I felt secretly pleased, the… Continue reading Finding love in 2012

Tarot Affirmations in The Major Arcana

The Tarot Major Arcana, each card has a myriad meanings & symbols that unlock more mysteries contained in the Major keys. Often when a questioner selects a Major key as a significator I like to express the feelings that each card gives rise to for me. Almost always these inbuilt affirmations have a strange relevance… Continue reading Tarot Affirmations in The Major Arcana