What Really is Astrology?

Tarot and the Planets
Planetary Correspondences in Tarot

Most people only know about astrology from the horoscope columns they read in newspapers and magazines, or from websites that are merely vehicles for making money. But, those forecasts are for entertainment purposes only and should never be taken seriously. If they seem even remotely accurate, rest assured it is only by coincidence, because those columns have almost no bearing on the legitimate practice of astrology. Here are a few other myths about astrology that should also be dispelled:

1. Astrology is not a religion, nor is it affiliated or associated with any religion or with satanism or with any specific belief system. You can believe in and participate in any religion you choose and still practice astrology. Astrology is not a psychic reading. You can receive accurate psychic readings from my team of favourite professional psychics.

2. Astrology is about symbolism and has nothing to do with any purported physical energy emanating from a planet, moon, or star.

3. Astrology cannot be used to predict an event, only the possibility of an event occurring, or a good time for a particular type of event to take place.

4. Astrology is only a guide, a map of the potential in your life. However, no two people born at the exact same time and place will have the exact same life. The very nature of astrology speaks to your exercise of “free will” and the many choices and options you have for how you live your life.

Astrology can divine information regarding your interactions and life events by following the movements and relative positions of the Planets. My charts use ancient astrology for drawing up your horoscopes. You should check out my Horoscopes to see where your astral influences are headed.

Moon ritual

My fascination with astrology is based around the moon. The Full Moon comes around monthly, as I write this after a shocking retrograde the emotions are already running high. Need some lunar lunacy to exorcise some borderline insanity. 

A lot of my Moon ritual harks back to my mothers superstitions & the almanac, here’s where I’m at in preparation for what is going to be a stunner.


Meditation done – guided, some shamanic drumming thrown in. Amazing, straight through the portal to focus my intentions

Forgiveness list done – Ready to burn that baby, really cathartic this time, thought a few of those were going to the grave with me! That baby will go up in flames under the moon.

Gratitude list done – Ready to burn that baby too!

Spoken manifestations written & ready

Moon water preparation underway, flower petals & chosen crystals

Bathsalts at the ready for a lunar soak

Chosen cards, Moon OBVS, High Priestess – ruled by the Moon. Devil for the Capricorn influence. If a phone tarot reading reveals any of these beauties around this time you are in for quite a month.

Manic decluttering in progress, really ruthless this time 

Crystal charging station. Large black tourmaline exhausted by the mercury retrograde takes pride of place here

Lunar Astrology chart at the ready, video update hopefully tomorrow

I hope today is magical for you

What Really Is Astrology?

Astrology is a complex art and science which applies symbolic meaning to astronomical information as it existed over two thousand years ago when the practice of astrology was first documented in writing by ancient astronomers and astrologers.

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