Virtual Tarot Reading, Can They Be Accurate?

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Remote or in Person, Which Reading is best?

My free online Tarot readings are based on many thousands of face to face readings I have given over the course of my life. Many people say they are eerily accurate, I believe that is because the human experience is a shared experience. We all grow through what life throws at us, the big life experiences I believe are covered by the Major Arcana, The Lovers, Death etc. The day to day experiences often have parallels in the Minor Arcana & the people we meet there who often appear as one of the faces in the Court Cards of the Tarot.

Face to Face or Telephone

A Tarot reading is a conversation with the reader, and an intuitive conversation at that. A face to face reader will subconsciously pick up on your body language, and get a sense of what you are feeling in the moment. That’s why I believe the telephone Psychic Reading is the most accurate because it removes any distractions from the environment, and allows for a more focused reading. My best psychics are able to make connections with you on a subconscious level using Tarot cards or their intuition as a bridge to interpret your current experience.

Which Tarot Spread?

The Tarot deck, some people believe, can be used to foretell the future. Increasingly the Tarot is being used as a psychological tool for self discovery. The type of spread used is becoming increasingly important. The spread is the ‘book’ if you like, the cards in the spread are the ‘chapters’ in the story.

The deck is shuffled and then the cards are laid out in a specific pattern defined by the spread. The pattern can be based on the question you want answered or it can be a general spread. Then, depending on what you want to know, you lay out the cards in a specific way and interpret them. There are many free tarot spreads on my site, from the relationship tarot spread to the Celtic cross Tarot spread. There are many free spreads on my pages including my video Tarot readings, The Free Talking Tarot & The Fortune Teller Machine. All of my Tarot card meanings can be found alongside my tarotrehab video journey through the Major Arcana. If you have a Tarot card reading you don’t understand these Tarot meanings will help you unravel your cards.

Do Tarot Cards Hold Any Power Over My Future?

The question is whether Tarot cards have any power or not? The truth is the power exists between the Tarot Reader & the client. The cards are simply mirrors to your subconscious & reveal alternate future possibilities that are forming in your future.

Tarot cards have been used for centuries to predict the future. Some people believe that they can see the future while others think that they are just a tool for entertainment. That is absolutely fine, I fear that recently we have lost the ability to ‘agree to disagree’. If you don’t like an idea or a post online, don’t engage or simply keep scrolling!

The truth is that people use them both to entertain themselves and to try and predict what might happen in the future. It is entirely your choice how much weight you put on your reading & of course how much you trust your reader.

The Future Isn’t Fixed

The future is a place where people can go to explore their beliefs and possibilities, which I think also means they should be able to make informed decisions about it.

The future is fluid and it is up to us to decide what it will look like. We can either choose to be passive observers of the unfolding events or we can actually make a difference, we can make better choices today to manifest the tomorrow we want.

Should I Have A Psychic Reading?

A Psychic reading by phone can help you get some guidance on what your next steps should be. It can also give you some clarity on a situation that is causing you stress or pain. For example, if you are trying to decide between two jobs and the paths that they will take your life in, a psychic reading can help provide insight into which one would be best for you.

Psychic readings are an ancient art, and one that is still practiced by those who believe in the power of the future. I search out the very best psychic readers who use traditional psychic reading methods. Tarot cards are a popular way to get a psychic reading, but they’re not the only way, many of my best Clairvoyants rely on intuition & remote viewing for example. A prebooked psychic reading can be done through a phone call or you can pay for a psychic reading on your phone bill.

To get your psychic reading, you will need to choose a psychic who you believe will connect with you & book your appointment online or by calling reception. It is always wise to seek out recommended psychic readers, any reputable site will have a list of who is available.

Once you have found someone that you want to talk to and scheduled your appointment, it’s time to prepare. You should write down any questions that you want answered and think about what kind of reading you need & what questions you are wanting to have answered.

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