The Ten of Swords – A fresh start is necessary , are you strong enough? A new beginning awaits.

ten of swords tarot meaning

The Ten of Swords
The Lord of Ruin

The Ten of Swords Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :


The Ten of Swords – Appearance
My 10 of Swords card shows a colourful dawn breaking through an electric sky. A mountainous horizon is seperated from the shore by still, glass like water. The tenth sword pierces a diary page, indicating release from circumstance. As the tip of the sword pierces the earth blood emerges as if from a fresh wound.

The Ten of Swords Tarot Card – Interpretation
Clearly not a jolly card, the Ten of Swords smacks of inevitability, of the need to make a clean break. Though very dark the dawn indicates a new beginning awaits after a major decision has been made to alleviate a troublesome period. Great uneasiness has been experienced before the ten appears, we are now resigned to a painful, though fresh start. We accept our lot as it really is, no longer view situations through rose tinted glasses & make our choice with conviction. There is certainly need for a clear outlook, the need to finally let go of an aspect of our lives, or even an element of our personality. Often when this card appears in the reading of a seeker, I know that they are not as yet resolved to how there lives are to develop. They may not know that there life will go through a complete transition. If this card appears I tread carefully as often unexpected changes to the questioner’s life & even relationships are just beyond their comprehension. Though these changes may not always mean the end of a relationship, a significant shift is always indicated. This requires a completely new outlook, the seeker has to accept that they will need to be strong to forge the new dawn to their advantage.

Alchemical Elements : Air

The Ten of Swords Tarot Card – Correspondences
Saturn clashes with Uranus, Aquarian influences abound

My Relationship with The Ten of Swords

When I turn over the Ten of Swords in my personal readings, a phase of my life is almost certainly concluding. I know that a new, inevitable, chapter is dawning & I must welcome the change with open arms. On a personal level I have turned this card and felt all illusions of a troubled relationship fall away, ending the relationship immediately & finally. Though this seems ruthless, this card often gives us the power to end an unsatisfactory relationship, job, friendship or even personal outlook. It is a card that gives us long term vision, that lets us end something before it becomes truly troublesome. Better to get out before we are trapped merely by habit, The Ten of Swords shows us with the dawn that the only way is up. If we are brave enough to make such a strong & uneasy choice, then we have really learnt from the experience, we can rise as the phoenix to move forward with nothing holding us back.

The Ten of Swords – A fresh start is necessary , are you strong enough ? A new beginning awaits.

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