Navigating the Do’s and Don’ts of Tarot Reading: Insight from Expert Psychics and Clairvoyants

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Any psychic medium and clairvoyant will tell you understanding the best time for a tarot reading is as crucial as the reading itself. Expert psychics, clairvoyants, and tarot readers, often attuned to their spirit guides or higher powers, emphasise the importance of the mental and emotional state of a querent (the one asking the questions) for accurate and meaningful readings. Here, we delve into key scenarios where pausing before a Tarot reading can be beneficial, as advised by seasoned professionals. My heart sinks when someone asks about their ex for the tenth time. It is a big part of the job getting someone to look for a brighter future rather than return to a comfortable, but often unhappy, past.

Emotional Turmoil

If you’re engulfed in the storm of emotions, especially after distressing events like a breakup, it’s advisable to step back from Tarot readings. Why? When your heart is heavy and mind clouded with intense feelings, it becomes challenging to receive and interpret the messages objectively. This is a time for healing and self-reflection, not for seeking answers from the cards which may be influenced by your current emotional state.

Seeking Specific Outcomes

Imagine you’re longing to reunite with an ex-partner and turn to Tarot for answers. Here’s where caution is needed. If you’re fixated on a specific outcome, it may skew the interpretation of the cards. Authentic psychics and tarot readers often state that the true power of Tarot lies in its impartiality and its ability to tap into the wisdom of the universe, which can be hindered by our personal desires and expectations.

Impatience and Urgency

In moments of impatience or when seeking immediate answers, it’s recommended to avoid Tarot readings. Tarot requires a calm and open mind, ready to receive insights that may not always align with our timeline or urgency. Rushing a reading can lead to misinterpretation or a superficial understanding of the deeper messages the cards hold.

Clouded Judgement

If your judgement is clouded, be it due to external influences or internal turmoil, it may impede the clarity and accuracy of a Tarot reading. Psychics and tarot readers often engage in practices like meditation to connect with their higher guides, ensuring they’re grounded and clear-headed during readings. This level of clarity is essential for both the reader and the querent to ensure the insights gained are unbiased and true to the cards’ messages.

In summary, while Tarot readings offer profound insights and guidance, recognising the right state of mind and emotional balance is key for a fruitful experience. As you navigate through life’s challenges, remember that the wisdom of Tarot is best accessed when you are emotionally stable, open-minded, patient, and clear-headed. This approach not only respects the sanctity of Tarot readings but also enhances your connection with the spiritual wisdom it offers.

Remember, Tarot is a tool for guidance and self-discovery, best utilised when you’re ready to receive its wisdom with an open heart and mind. If you feel you are in the right space for a reading my expert psychics are ready & waiting with your answers.

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