Strength – Take Control Of The Beast Within

strength tarot meaning

Strength Tarot Card Meaning

Daughter of the Flaming Sword

Leader of the Lion

The Chariot – Meaning in a Tarot reading :


Appearance :

A young woman exerts psychic power over a magnificent lion. Above her head, the lemniscate, the figure of infinity is evident. The powerful lion is balanced by the bank of white lillies, here representing purity. Various hidden symbols decorate the card, the mountain indicates untapped potential power.

Interpretation :

The Strength card is telling you be careful to not internalise your emotions. Physical power is symbolised by Strength, obviously. You are at the height of your powers, you can confidently take on tasks or scenarios that require exceptional effort. You have a powerful aura at this time, you can communicate your intentions without resorting to speech. Your actions speak for themselves. You are composed, you wear your heart on your sleeve. With patience you can make anyone see your point of view through sheer force of will. The Strength card makes you become aware of your thoughts, take responsibility for your actions though, as what you sow you shall reap. You will feel confident & positive, allow your courage to show through. You have overcome your weaknesses and are ready to reap the rewards.


Tree of Life Path : 9
Trump : 8 – Strength
Hebrew Letter : teth

Element, Planet, Zodiac :

Deities : Bastet, Sekhmet
Animal : Lion
Plant : Sunflower

My Relationship with Strength
I have many internal demons that I have faced through the power of the Strength card, whenever we feel the need to run wild, to lose control, we should contemplate the message of this card. Can we use this power to our advantage ?.
Those who have connected to “The Beast Within” appreciate the image of the young woman exercising control over the powerful lion . Passionate proud people often struggle with this inner quality. Problems can arise from allowing this often dangerous side of your persona free rein. We are taught to always exert power over our subconscious instincts. Great courage is necessary in overcoming the beast within, to tame it’s energy & repeatedly focus this power constructively.
This card often appears when we have an addiction, physical or emotional. An addiction can rule us, we need to face that challenge on sometimes a daily basis. Only when we are able to stare our weaknesses in the face, without feeling compelled to give in to their power, have we truly absorbed the energy of the Strength card. Our weaknesses will never go away, we must learn how to acknowledge their existence, face the challenge and diffuse their power.

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