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The famous festival is back & Glastonbury is back in the news.

I would trawl the alleys of Glastonbury as I conceived my Tarot deck, I could see the Tor from my childhood home & would cycle to sit at the summit absorbing the Tarot. As the figures on the painted cards danced before me a powerful transition occurred. I had discovered my destiny. One day, in one of my projected futures, my dream is to sit in a Glastonbury tea shop giving readings & eating scones. Until that day arrive I have a website I still maintain to keep my imaginary Glastonbury umbilical cord attached, you can view it here Glastonbury Psychic Glastonbury lit the touch paper of my Tarot obsession & I will forever be grateful that I was born within reach of all of its magic & madness.

Glastonbury is a truly magical & mysterious place where the spiritual blends perfectly with the day to day. It is home to many spiritual sites, from ancient stone circles to sacred wells.

Glastonbury has been a destination for pilgrims since Celtic times, and it still draws people today who are seeking answers about their spirituality.

Spiritual Sites

Glastonbury is a small town in the county of Somerset, England. The town is situated on the River Brue, near its confluence with the River Sheppey.

The history of Glastonbury is one that has been shrouded in mystery and wonder for centuries. It has been a place of pilgrimage for people from all over the world since ancient times and it continues to be a place where people come to seek spiritual healing and enlightenment.

The history of Glastonbury is an interesting one, with many stories about its origins being passed down through generations. The earliest mention of Glastonbury comes from the writings of Gildas who was a 6th-century British monk and historian who wrote about how he had seen “a church in ruins on an island surrounded by water”

The Chalice Well

The Chalice Well is an ancient holy well, It is believed that it was created by Joseph of Arimathea, who was one of the followers of Jesus Christ.

Joseph was a wealthy man who donated his land and gave up his life to follow Jesus Christ. He donated his land for the building of the first church in Glastonbury, which he also helped to build himself. The legend says that he came back to Britain after Christ’s death and became a missionary and founded many churches in Britain.

Stonehenge: This is one of the most famous sites in Glastonbury, with its iconic stones standing tall on nearby farmland. Stonehenge was built around 3100 BC and was used as an observatory for the sun’s movements, but it also has strong spiritual connections with Druid culture.

The Sacred Springs & Glastonbury Abbey are the next sites that spring to mind & of course the Tor is a must visit. To truly embrace the spirituality coursing though Glastonbury make a pilgrimage & align yourself with the powerful frequencies. A weekend in Glastonbury is enough to charge your spiritual battery & reignite anyones belief in magic & mystery.

The Glastonbury Festival

The last time I was in Glastonbury for the festival it was visiting my mother at her care home. Of course it was chaos, my Mother fully intended to attend as she wanted to see Elbow. Of course that wasn’t possible because of her lack of mobility, she was happy with the buzz you could feel in the town that descends every year the festival is on The Glastonbury Festival started back in 1970 when a small group of people who were interested in folk music, decided to create a festival that would showcase their favorite genre. The inaugural event was organized by Michael Eavis and it had only 1,500 attendees. Nowadays, there are over 150,000 people attending this festival every year. The last time I remember attending Elvis Costello was headlining, so 1987. I hate to admit it was still the time when you could leap over the fence. I should have bummed a ticket from one of my local relatives who get freebies who knows maybe now I the time to brave the festival again.

Tarot in Glastonbury

As I said I conceived my deck in Glastonbury. It is essentially a RW cone but is infused with my experience, my teenage spiritual awakening & continued to develop over many years including many of the major players in my life.

A Tarot reading in Glastonbury

What could be better than a Tarot reading in Glastonbury. Every time I am home I love giving & receiving readings in the most magical of towns. The tarot cards have been used for centuries to help people understand themselves, the world around them, and their place in it. The cards are often used for divination (fortune telling) or as a tool for spiritual guidance, it really does feel that the power of these mirrors to the subconscious are amplified in the shadow of the tor.

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