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Three of Cups

three of cups tarot meaning

Enjoy this moment

Celebrations, Friendships, Family

Lord of Abundance

The cork has popped on a bottle of wine, a clear sky & the spoils of a good harvest are in the background. The three gilded cups float above.

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Celebrations surround the Three of Cups. After an unstable period of hard work time should be taken to appreciate what has been achieved. The trinity of the Ace, Two & Three in the cups suit correspond to the planting of the seed or idea, germination & then joy as the Three blossoms, signifying a positive result. As with all cups the Three of Cups overflows with emotion, prudence is necessary, success must be firmly established & built upon before the potential of the suit of cups is fully realised & fulfilled. Often when interpreting the cards for clients the Three of Cups on an emotional level indicates that the first exciting flush of a relationship has blossomed in to the potential for a committed bond. The warning here is you must be prepared to accept the other ‘ warts & all ‘. It will also require you to ruthlessly look at yourself & identify traits that could be a challenge to a successful union, are you really ready to be that honest with yourself ? Each of the three featured cups correspond to an area of our earthly existence, spirituality, emotion and our physical self.

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When these three are in alignment we feel invincible, life is effortless & any challenge is accepted graciously, we are confident we are at the top of our game, we will rise to the occasion. When this card appears the Tarot is telling us that we should truly just enjoy the feeling of being alive. With the Three we accept experiences that take us beyond our comfort zone, celebrations of all kinds will arise from weddings & birthdays, to actual births, not only of children, also of ideas that will have far reaching repercussions on our lives. The Three of Cups temporarily allows you release from the nagging feeling that you will never be truly free, never have enough money, never find your true soul-mate. Step away from these worries & the power of this card combines with the Universe to bring whatever you desire. Express yourself when this card appears, you are in ‘ the zone ‘ & ‘going with the flow’. Start any project that has been delayed, run laughing through the streets, whatever it is that will make you happy, the Three of Cups reminds you it is your life & you should live it like you mean it.

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3 card Tarot - Past, present, future

Honour the past, be sure to truly live in the present. The future is the one for me, the excitement of the unknown, stepping out of the comfort zone just a little, that’s the one that makes my heart race.

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