Unlock Your Destiny: Powerful Guided Meditation & The Fool’s Tarot Secrets

O'Mara Tarot Secrets

Some of the advanced tarot secrets I have discovered & come to love is when you combine the miracle of the cards with other systems, like meditation or hypnosis for example. The spiritual world has many gems to offer, and among the most profound are when we start to uncover powerful tarot secrets. So what happens when you combine the insight of Tarot with the calming depth of guided meditation? Magic, that’s what. Secret tarot doors begin to open in your subconscious. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how guided meditation paired with The Fool’s journey through the Tarot can be your roadmap to understanding your past, anchoring in your present, and manifesting your future.

1. The Basics of The Fool’s Journey

For those new to Tarot, The Fool’s journey chronicles the story of a single character, The Fool, as he journeys through the major arcana of the Tarot deck. Beginning with The Fool (Card 0) and culminating with The World (Card 21), this journey symbolizes our personal and spiritual growth.

2. Merging Guided Meditation with Tarot

Guided meditation is an immersive experience where a voice, often accompanied by music, guides you into a profound state of relaxation and insight. Pairing this with The Fool’s journey allows the practitioner to step into The Fool’s shoes, experiencing each card’s lessons firsthand.

3. How It Works

  • Past: Reflecting on our past is like revisiting the early cards in The Fool’s journey. Through guided meditation, visualize the moments when you were The Magician, harnessing new skills, or The High Priestess, tapping into your intuition. One of my readers told me yesterday of someone who had come for a career psychic reading & drew the Magician & Priestess, they had dreamed of becoming a reader themselves, looks pretty cut & dried to me! These reflections can help you understand past decisions, and their outcomes.
  • Present: Anchoring in the present moment, you align with cards like Strength or The Wheel of Fortune, representing where you stand now. Here, the guided meditation brings awareness to your current emotions, challenges, and triumphs, allowing for clarity and mindfulness.
  • Future: By projecting into the future, we journey through the latter cards of the Major Arcana, from The Sun, representing joy and success, to The World, the final destination of wholeness and completion. Through this, you can set intentions, visualize goals, and manifest your desired path.

4. The Benefits of This Fusion

  • Personal Insight: Combining Tarot and meditation deepens your understanding of personal experiences and their place in your life’s narrative.
  • Enhanced Intuition: As you repeatedly practice this meditation, your connection with the Tarot deepens, enhancing your intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Relaxation: The meditative state relaxes the mind and body, reducing stress and increasing clarity.


The intricate dance between guided meditation and The Fool’s Tarot journey offers a unique, immersive experience for spiritual seekers. Whether you’re a professional Tarot reader or someone new to the realm of spirituality, this combination can pave the way to profound insights and transformation.

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